Put on Your Tango Shoes

When you think of Buenos Aires, Argentina, of course, you think of tango. It’s where the dance was born. And to truly have an authentic experience when visiting the destination, you have to catch one of the best shows. You may also want to join on the fun and learn a few moves yourself.

El Querandi
Located just a few blocks from Plaza de Mayo, the main square, in a historic mansion, El Querandi sets the scene for a classic tango experience. It’s an intimate venue that was established in 1920, but its home was built in 1867. No matter where you’re seated inside, you have an excellent view of the stage and the incredible performers.

Esquina Homero Manzi
Stray from the beaten path into Boedo and you will find yourself in a less-frequented neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It’s one of the few barrios tangueros (tango neighborhoods). This historic venue pays homage to Homero Manzi, a poet who revolutionized tango and wrote his first song at 14 years old. Esquina Homero Manzi holds such historical significance, it was deemed a site of cultural importance by the national government.

San Telmo

For a genuine tango show, head over to San Telmo. Here you are highly likely to find street performers of all kinds putting on a show at every corner. Calle Florida and La Boca, the main shopping streets in the community, also act as the backdrop as one of the places where tango originated. You can also find outdoor dance floors here to join in on the action.

Maldita Milonga
Within the San Telmo district is Maldita Milonga, one of the more popular tango venues, especially among the younger crowd. But this dance hall has an irresistible energy. Its dance floor is smaller than most, but the pop-up tango club on Wednesday nights is worth it for the excellent live music.

Rojo Tango
For an exclusive and upscale tango experience, you have to visit Rojo Tango. Located in the most luxurious hotel in Buenos Aires, El Faena, this performance hall is frequented by the likes of celebrities, including Sting, Beyonce and Mick Jagger. The performers here put on a sensual, cabaret-style show that puts the steaminess of the dance on full display.

Piazzolla Tango
Housed in the Belle Epoque-style theater Galería Guemes, this venue was named in honor of Astor Piazzolla, one of the most important composers to modernize tango. The performances that take place here use his compositions played by a live ensemble with world-renowned singers. Plus, there’s a rooftop bar where you can mix and mingle after the show and catch some amazing views of the neighborhood.

The most traditional experience can be found traipsing down Avenida Entre Ríos at Cachirulo. It’s a formal milonga that applies the custom of the cabeceo, in which single men and women sit separately and nod, waiting to make eye contact as a sign of asking one another to dance.

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