Scandinavian Summer

Gaze upon soaring, craggy mountains, tranquil fjords and glaciers as you cross the Arctic Circle, joining the Order of the Blue Nose. As your Captain navigates the Lofoten and Vaerøy Islands, the quiet seaside villages in the distance will pique your curiosity. Pay close attention as you may pass Mount Mostadfjell, where more than a million seabirds, including sea eagles, nest. Viking history calls out to you and your fellow explorers in Kristiansund, where rare, preserved stave churches from the Middle Ages invite you to connect with past pioneers. Extraordinary scenes that seem like a fantasy abound throughout the UNESCO-listed fjords of Norway, from Geiranger to Nærøyfjorden. From Stavanger, one of the most dramatic fjords, Lysefjord, is best explored by kayak or standup paddleboarding. Skagen brings you to Denmark's rich culture, marked by a strong folk tradition, from its stories to its music and dress. But its heath and dune landscapes will also inspire a sense of awe.

Cultural Expedition

Copenhagen to Tromso

August 8, 2025

9 Nights

World Traveller



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Per Guest Cruise Fares
Promotions are applied
NS Navigator Suite $27,399 pp $13,699 pp
DS Discovery Suite $25,399 pp $12,699 pp
JS Journey Suite $24,899 pp $12,449 pp
E1 Horizon Deluxe Stateroom $18,799 pp $9,399 pp
E2 Veranda Deluxe Stateroom Call for Fares Call for Fares
A1 Horizon Stateroom $14,399 pp $7,199 pp
A2 Horizon Stateroom $14,099 pp $7,049 pp
B1 Veranda Stateroom $14,099 pp $7,049 pp
B2 Veranda Stateroom $13,799 pp $6,899 pp
AO Adventure Oceanview Stateroom $12,299 pp $6,149 pp

Cruise Fares are per guest, cruise-only, based on double occupancy, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Government Taxes and Fees of $450 per guest are included in the fares shown and are not eligible for special offers or promotional savings.

Aug 08 Copenhagen, Denmark Depart: 6:00 pm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Home to immense beauty and historic wealth, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, offers a plethora of treasures. Raise a toast to your adventure with new friends and a refreshing Carlsberg beer, brewed in Denmark since 1847. Sample the local favorite, Danish Smørrebrød sandwiches, to connect with the local community over a bite and a brew. The best way to explore the city and blend with the locals is by bike. Designed for easy navigation, Copenhagen invites you and your fellow explorers to discover its hidden gems. Admire the pastel colors of the Nyhavn waterfront and contrasting architectural structures around the city along the way. Of course, the famous Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, is a must-see for those with an appreciation for classic literature. Head a few miles out of the city to marvel over the stunning landscapes of the UNESCO-listed par force hunting landscape in North Zealand.

Aug 09 Skagen, Denmark Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 3:00 pm

Skagen, Denmark

The heath and dune landscapes of Skagen inspired many artists in the mid-19th century and you can see these charming paintings in the Skagens Museum. At Grenen Beach, find one of the few unorganized areas of Denmark. The wild beauty of the Kattegat and Skagerrak clashing makes it a striking locale to explore. Just northeast of Skagen in Jutland stands the Skagen Lighthouse. A captivating structure designed by Niels Sigfred Nebelong, it replaced Skagen’s original lighthouse in 1958. It’s a simple construct, but that embodies the nature of Denmark’s culture and invites visitors to take a photo op.

Aug 10 Stavanger, Norway Arrive: 9:00 am Depart: 8:00 pm

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger brings you to the intersection of historical and natural wonders. While officially incorporated as a city in 1125 CE, the earliest evidence of inhabitants traces back to 3,000 BCE. A stroll through Old Stavanger takes you to the historic residential area, one of Northern Europe’s best-preserved wooden house settlements. Norway also contains a few prime surfing grounds, including the Jæren beaches. It’s also the gateway to one of the most dramatic fjords, Lysefjord, and is best explored by kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Jutting nearly 2,000 feet above the fjord, Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen, offers another stunning perspective.

Aug 11 Bergen, Norway Arrive: 8:00 am Depart: 6:00 pm

Bergen, Norway

When you think of Norway, among the images that come to mind are those of brightly painted wooden buildings with a backdrop of ice-capped mountains. In a nutshell, you’ve envisioned Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city that’s an easy access gateway to the fjords. Start with an unforgettable funicular ride to the top of the iconic Mount Floyen, rising over 1,000 feet above sea level in a seamless eight minutes. Back on the ground, you will not tire of snapping images of Bergen’s famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hanseatic wharf, Bryggen. You will also find that Bergen is a city for foodies, with a commitment to organic and sustainable food that has earned it the additional UNESCO designation of City of Gastronomy.

Aug 12 Flåm, Norway Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 10:00 am

Flåm, Norway

Surrounded by steep mountainsides, roaring waterfalls, and deep valleys, Flåm is located off one of the hidden arms of the Sognefjord. To fully appreciate the breadth of this region, leave the harbor behind to reach Gudvangen, a tiny hamlet at the tip of spectacular Nærøyfjord. This 11-mile-long fjord is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rated by the National Geographic Society as the world’s number one natural heritage site. In addition to attracting naturalists, this destination will surely delight avid cyclists with some of the best, most scenic routes. If you prefer to take in the scenery in comfort, climb aboard the Flåm Railway and get ready for one of Europe’s most dramatic and visually stunning train adventures.

Aug 12 Gudvangen, Norway Arrive: 1:00 pm Depart: 4:00 pm

Gudvangen, Norway

Within the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden lies the little gem of Gudvangen. Enter the Viking village of Njardarheim and discover your inner pioneer with possible opportunities to participate in exciting activities like archery and ax throwing. Set within the pristine environment of the fjords, Gudvangen offers plenty of chances for stimulating adventures like kayaking and standup paddleboarding. Or you could get the blood pumping with an energizing hike through Bakkanosi up to a lookout point that brings you rewarding vistas of the surrounding mountains and fjords. Explore the small villages that surround Gudvangen - Dyrdal, Styvi, Tufte and Bakka - making up the Nærøy community of Aurland.

Aug 13 Geiranger, Norway Arrive: 10:30 am Depart: 6:00 pm

Geiranger, Norway

The tiny village of Geiranger is home to major adventures, as the area’s unique natural surroundings were created during a succession of ice ages when glaciers carved out deep fjords and shaped the high mountains. The crown jewel of all the Norwegian fjords is Geirangerfjord. The entire area, from the snow-covered mountain tops to the clear, blue water, were included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Among the extraordinary features are the Seven Sisters waterfalls, jutting out from the cliff sides in seven separate cataracts and creating a curtain you can walk behind. Travelers seeking a thrilling experience will appreciate the 11 hairpin turns of Trollstigen mountain road, each bend with its own moniker often named after the person who supervised its construction.

Aug 14 Kristiansund, Norway Arrive: 9:00 am Depart: 10:00 pm

Kristiansund, Norway

Not to be confused with its sister city, there is more that separates Kristiansund from Kristansand than a vowel. Kristiansund is Norway’s north star, where many believe that the very first Norwegians settled and where much of Viking history can be traced. With a 300-year-old history as a trading port for fish, you enjoy a well-prepared cod at every restaurant and further immerse yourself in the culture at the Clipfish Museum, built on a mid-18th-century wharf. As the town of Kristiansund is spread across four islands, you will most likely need to use the ferry service to get the most out of your visit. Kristiansund also happens to be home to the architectural treasure of Kvernes, a church built in the 1300s.

Aug 15 Trondheim, Norway Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 1:00 pm

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is one of the oldest of Norway’s major cities. With wide streets that are largely pedestrian-friendly, it’s a simply lovely city with a long history. Visit the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral, the largest medieval building in Scandinavia. Kristiansten Fortress consists of a central square tower for cannons, which has come to be known as the Donjon, a relic filled with history for the curious to discover. Stiftsgarden Palace, the royal residence, is one of the largest wooden buildings in Northern Europe, offering an intriguing story to entice the mind. The publicly accessible garden around the east side is one of Trondheim’s loveliest corners.
Aug 16 Arctic Circle Crossing

Arctic Circle Crossing

The stunning Norwegian coastline has to be seen to be believed-especially the remote places that are located above the Arctic Circle. On your crossing, view the soaring, craggy mountains to tranquil fjords, glaciers and quiet seaside villages that comprise the Lofoten archipelago. Vaerøy is the hidden gem of this region, with surprisingly warm waters and snow that rarely stays on the ground for long. Pay close attention as you sail Vaerøy Island’s Mount Mostadfjell, the nesting site of more than a million seabirds, including sea eagles, puffins, arctic terns, and others.

Aug 16 Lofoten & Vaerøy Islands Cruising

Lofoten & Vaerøy Islands Cruising

The stunning Norwegian coastline has to be seen to be believed. Gaze upon the soaring, craggy mountains to tranquil fjords, glaciers and quiet seaside villages that comprise the Lofoten archipelago. Vaerøy is the hidden gem of this region, with surprisingly warm waters and snow that rarely stays on the ground for long. Pay close attention as you sail Vaerøy Island’s Mount Mostadfjell, the nesting site of more than a million seabirds, including sea eagles, puffins, arctic terns, and others.

Aug 16 Leknes (Lofoten Islands), Norway Arrive: 1:30 pm Depart: 5:00 pm

Leknes (Lofoten Islands), Norway

The small fishing town of Leknes amid the breathtaking Lofoten Islands offers an unexpected culinary adventure. From the commonly found stockfish to wine varieties made from blueberries and mountain fruits, there’s a unique flavor for every foodie profile. Venturing to the outskirts of town on the fjord shores, find local wooden crafts, paintings and hand-spun textiles for an authentic memento to take home. About eight miles north of Leknes discover Norwegian history at the Lofotr Viking Museum, including a replica of a Viking chieftain’s longhouse.

Aug 17 Tromsø, Norway Arrive: 8:00 am

Tromsø, Norway

Not only will you witness magnificent fjords and glaciers throughout Tromsø, Norway, but you will also immerse yourself in a sophisticated cultural life and architectural delights. A superb example of blending the built environment with the natural setting is the Arctic Cathedral, an architectural marvel made up of aluminum-coated concrete panels, making it a stunning façade resembling an iceberg. To see the real icebergs, all you have to do is take the Fjellheisen cable car 1,525 feet above sea level for incredible views of the Norwegian fjords. You can also stroll around the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, visit the Science Centre of Northern Norway or gain new knowledge at the city’s museums including the Polar Museum, Tromsø University Museum, and Perspektivet Museum.

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