It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Cheers! Yiamas! Salud! However you toast an occasion, there’s a cocktail to try and celebrate with like-spirited explorers around the world. Raise your glass wherever you roam and clink drinks with the locals and your new friends.

Aperol Spritz in the Amalfi Coast

Most travelers like to drink in the sights along the Amalfi Coast, but the view is even better with an Aperol spritz in hand. This favored Italian cocktail creates that light and bubbly feeling with a mix of sparkling water or club soda, prosecco and the signature orange liqueur.

Bask in the sights and savors of the Amalfi Coast on our 7-Night Iconic Greece and Italy luxe-adventure expedition.

Rum Mule in Barbados

When in Barbados you can’t consider a visit complete without sampling at least one of its many fine rums. The rum mule is a popular option for trying out the smooth Mount Gay variety. The combination of ginger, rum, lime and demerara sugar syrup create a sweet and refreshing concoction that’s perfect for sitting back and enjoying the tropical climate of Barbados.

Savor the flavors of Barbados on our 10-Night Exploring Exotic Caribbean and Amazon or 13-Night Connecting European and Caribbean Islands voyages.

Negroni in Buenos Aires
The bitter liqueur Campari originated in Italy but became popular among the locals of Argentina. When taking in the sights of Buenos Aires, make sure to stop at a local bar and order the cocktail of choice, a Negroni. The mix of Campari, sweet vermouth, gin, orange and lemon peels, and club soda or seltzer water, all poured over ice makes for a delightful respite from your trek around town.

Make a stop at a local watering hole and order a Negroni when on our 8-Night Argentine Thrill luxe-adventure journey.

Sizzling Ouzo in Greece

Anywhere you go in Greece you will encounter the tradition of taking a shot of the aperitif ouzo, an anise-flavored liquor produced from grape must, what remains from the wine-making process. But you can also have it in a refreshing cocktail. One such concoction, the sizzling ouzo, consists of lemon juice, simple syrup, pear puree, and sparkling Moschofilero, creating a mix of sweet, sour and bubbly.

Sip on a sizzling ouzo while on our 11-Night Navigating Greek Wonders itinerary.

The Hugo Cocktail in Romania
This eclectic mix of flavors originated in South Tyrol, a region of Italy, but has become a fan favorite among the locals of Romania. Combining soda water with lime cordial, elderflower cordial and prosecco, the Hugo cocktail contains hints of sweet, sour, fizzy and herbal all in one.

Make sure to order a Hugo cocktail when in Bucharest on our 7-Night Essential Black Sea and Asia Minor tour.

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