Discover the Wonders of the Amazon

The port city of Belem, the largest port in the region, leads the way to a thrilling Amazon adventure. In this economic hub, also known as “The City of Mango Trees,” you find a significant cultural center filled with art galleries, museums, and historic sites. It’s this essential mix of heritage and nature that makes Belem, Brazil a stunning destination filled with the promise of excitement.

Home to over 40,000 plant species and more than 1,300 bird species, it’s no wonder Condé Nast Traveler named the Amazon one of the top rain forests in the world. Winding waterways and a diverse array of wildlife abound, making a boat tour along the Amazon River the kind of excursion every traveler needs to experience at least once in their lives.

While the Amazon’s sheer size seems like it should be rife with sound and activity, it holds quieter energy that invites explorers to appreciate its subtler notes. As the lungs of the planet, it contains much of the water and air the world depends on to thrive.

A scenic, 90-minute boat trip from the pier in Belem to Boa Vista takes you past locals in their canoes, small fishing boats and other watercraft as they make their way along the creeks and channels that lead in and out of the surrounding rain forest. Along the way, homes built on stilts to protect them from potential flooding when the river rises greet you.

You can cross Combú Island into the narrow canals on your way to the village of Boa Vista. When you arrive, take a guided walk into the rain forest, and discover its abundance of vegetation that includes various species of trees, fruits, and other indigenous plants. Perhaps even have a taste of some of the fruit or cocoa nuts.

Walking through historic Belem you come across Mercado Ver-o-Peso, the largest open-air market in Latin America that dates back to 1625. A mix of a fish and butcher’s market, fruit and vegetable stands, craft stalls, and sellers of spices and herbs, the vibrant life of Brazil runs through the veins of Mercado Ver-o-Peso. Lined up along the quay are multi-colored fishing boats and canoes as the locals unload their wares, from ceramics made by indigenous peoples to fragrant herbs and acai berries.

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