A Taste of Trastevere

One of the best ways to explore a place is through its food, and Italy has a great reputation as a food destination. But certain regions and neighborhoods stand out above the rest when it comes to what cities and towns have the best Italian food. The neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome is making a name for itself, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

Food Tours
Walking is the best way to explore Trastevere, so go ahead and kill two birds with one stone with a walking food tour. There are countless foodie tours that take you to hidden gems to sample the best the neighborhood has to offer. They also often include a historical perspective that gives deeper insight into the culture. It’s also the best way to try a little of everything and still burn off the calories.

Roman Pizza
When in Rome, stop at a local restaurant to sample the thin and crispy style of Roman pizza. Cooked in a wood oven for the ultimate flavor, it’s a delicious treat even for the foodies with the most refined palates. And in Italy, all pizzas are made in a personal size, so you can have your own pie without having to share. Pizzeria La Boccaccia and Dar Poeta are among the favorite restaurants to try Roman pizza for travelers and locals alike.

Favored by Locals and Wanderers
You must treat yourself to gelato and other sweet treats when in Italy, and Trastevere offers plenty of little shops to indulge your sweet tooth. At the aptly named Tiramisu on Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, you can delight in unconventional flavors of the classic dessert.

Mouthwatering Italian food is even better when you find a place like La Tavernaccia da Bruno that keeps it simple and savory. Step inside this local favorite and you will instantly feel at home as they serve you tasty dishes like veal brisket, freshly carved prosciutto, slow-roasted goat, chunks of pancetta and more regional delicacies.

Craft Beer
You may know Italy better as a wine destination, but in Trastevere craft beer has been on the rise, especially at more artsy and dive bars. Find your way to Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà, sitting along the cobblestoned street of Via Benedetta and enjoy Italian and international craft beers. Including a revolving tap of 16 beers like Irish stouts, Belgian lambics and Italian-brewed IPAs, it’s a refreshing stop if you’re seeking a local watering hole.

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