Why Expedition Cruising Is on the Rise

As travelers seek deeper experiences when they explore the world, expedition cruise ships become the more popular choice. Wanderlust encompasses more than merely marking destinations on a map. It’s what drives adventurers to see new places, meet new people and try new things. Small-ship cruising offers the rush and excitement of experiential travel in a way big cruise ships cannot.

What is expedition cruising?

Whether it’s joining the locals in a traditional dance or sampling a village’s favorite dish, expedition traveling lets you dive deep into the culture and everyday life of the places you visit. These cruises offer more than a voyage from one port to another. They offer an immersion in different people’s ways of living.

Where do expedition cruise ships go?
The beauty of small ships is that they can go anywhere the big ships can. So, you don’t miss out on a destination’s highlights. But they have the added advantage of taking you to more remote and less-traveled ports the big ships simply cannot reach.

Expedition ships to Antarctica are becoming increasingly popular as more travelers challenge themselves to explore The White Continent. Many of these cruises also venture into the Amazon region and surrounding cities. They often pass through Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, giving travelers the chance to explore the capital city’s landmarks. Small-ship cruises can also take you to less-visited destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, The Black Sea and more.

How Expedition Cruise Ships Are Built
Because these small ships are built with simpler sensibilities, they often forego the extravagant features found on big ships. But the basics still apply – dining areas, comfortable accommodations, health and wellness centers, and cruise spas. Many expedition cruises include unique cuisine aboard that reflects the cultures of the places they visit, giving travelers a taste of what they will experience on shore.

As an experienced traveler, you are most likely a conscientious individual concerned about leaving a footprint on the destinations you travel. That’s why so many small-ship cruising companies purposefully build their vessels for sustainability and safety.

Expedition cruising makes time and space for onshore excursions. They often include a mud room for equipment storage, giving you tools to explore the world. Zodiacs are also usually available on board to take you ashore in ports that are harder to dock in.

Benefits of Small Ship Cruising
With fewer guests on board, small ships offer a more intimate experience on shore that big cruising cannot provide. Less crowds means it’s easier to move through ports and get a closer interaction with the environment and the locals.

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