Welcome Back to the World

As you look to the horizon and get ready to travel once more, it’s important that every detail is geared for maximum adventure. That’s why in preparation for our launch in 2021, we invite you to get acquainted with our first, small expedition ship and the destinations of our inaugural sailings.

What’s in a name?
World Navigator came about as an appeal to the explorer, one who believes the world is best experienced up close. One definition of the word navigate is “to sail or travel over (a stretch of water or terrain), especially carefully or with difficulty.” It’s that special care that sets us and World Navigator apart from other cruise expeditions.

It’s a call to discover the world anew and experience it like never before. As you navigate less-traveled waterways and cruise between less-visited ports aboard World Navigator, the name feels true to Atlas Ocean Voyages’ mission: To provide a superior, inclusive, small-ship cruise vacation that delivers larger than life experiences in bucket-list destinations.

Conscious Travel
The design of World Navigator realizes the possibilities of environmental stewardship. With the latest hybrid power management and propulsion system, it maximizes fuel efficiency and consumes as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems. Its alternate hydro-jet propulsion system helps the ship quietly cruise up to five knots without disturbing marine wildlife for incomparable up-close encounters. This is the best way to enjoy the world and protect it for future travelers.

Aegean Sea
World Navigator’s inaugural season starts in the Aegean Sea in Valletta, Malta. These itineraries will cruise through iconic, historical destinations in Greece, Italy, France and Spain. Aside from taking you to popular landmarks like Pisa in Italy, these luxe-adventure voyages also traverse more remote ports like Katakolon in Greece.

The Black Sea
Our luxe-adventure journeys through The Black Sea take travelers through the connecting points between Europe, the Caucasus and Asia Minor. It’s a region rich in history and culture where the past and present merge to create remarkable destinations to explore. From the birthplace of modern-day currency in Nessebar, Bulgaria to the lively and energetic Istanbul, Turkey, The Black Sea has much to offer the curious mind and hungry wanderer.

The Holy Land and Eastern Med
From the monuments of Egypt to the lands of Jerusalem, rich with religious history, The Holy Land and Eastern Mediterranean hold an ancient wonder that persists over time. Whether it’s the cradle of civilization in Athens, Greece or the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey, these destinations call to your inner explorer, begging you to rediscover what they have to offer.

Caribbean and South America

Sunny skies and sandy beaches abound from Santa Cruz to Tobago, but you’ve never seen island life quite like this before. Our Caribbean luxe-adventure voyages bring you to remote coves and rarely visited gems when you cross the Atlantic into the Caribbean Sea. Later, as we take you to the mouth of the Amazon on our South America itineraries, you will experience the continent high to low on thrilling adventures of a lifetime.


If you’re the kind of explorer who thinks they’ve seen and done it all, think again. The Seventh Continent awaits with exciting wildlife to witness, rugged terrain to hike, and once-in-a-lifetime moments to experience. Our Antarctica expeditions take you through the highlights of The White Continent, including a truly one-time-only chance to see a total solar eclipse that only happens once every 400 years!

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