Wanderlust Brings You to Mediterranean Marvels

When traveling through the Mediterranean, a rich history and culture waits to be discovered by inquisitive minds. Few landmarks drive a need to satiate your curiosity like the pyramids, monasteries, fortresses and ancient constructs of civilizations long passed.

Cairo (Alexandria), Egypt
Your explorations of the iconic Cairo bring you to the amazing temple of Luxor. This renowned ancient structure originally built during the reign of Amenophis the III stokes the imagination and intrigues your inner history buff. On our luxe-adventure voyage, your travels to Luxor also bring you to the sound and light show at Karnak temple, a vibrant spectacle that leaves an impression.

Paphos, Cyprus
Gain an authentic feel for the character of Cypriot culture. At the Agios Neophytos Monastery, nestled in a secluded location within the heart of a picturesque valley, get lost amid the incredible Byzantine frescoes that date back from the 12th to 15th centuries. Continue on to Lemona Village to visit the family-owned Tsangarides Winery where you’re greeted with some of their most delicious wines.

Rhodes, Greece
Historic sites abound in Rhodes, among some of the most noteworthy being the Monastery of Filerimos and the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos and its temple dedicated to Athena. In Rhodes Old Town the iconic and fully restored 14th-century Grand Masters Palace creates a sense of awe within your inner architect. Walk along the Avenue of the Knights, a historic street where the knights once lived, exuding a noble aura from bygone days.

Lindos, Greece
Explore Ancient Lindos using new technology that affords you an amazing glimpse of the past. After passing through picturesque small villages and a landscape of orange and lemon groves, gnarled olive trees and vineyards, we take you to Lindos, an ancient Doric town. A magnificent acropolis is situated atop a strategic hill that overlooks the bay, and it’s here you can use augmented reality to view what the 15th-century fortress once looked like in real-time.

Patmos, Greece
Patmos is alive with reminders of its colorful past, mainly relating to St. John as it is reputed to be the location where he wrote his Gospel and the Apocalypse. The Monastery of St. John the Theologian, built on an ancient acropolis, sits like a herald over the town with massive 15th-century walls and 17th-century battlements. Its intimate and peaceful inner bounds feature graceful archways, inlaid pebble stone floors and white-washed buildings.

Santorini, Greece
The fabled island of Santorini beckons with a panorama of the serene Mt. Profitis Ilias Monastery. Its typical Greek structure as it sits atop the cliffside invites you to explore its history and discover a world from long ago. Plus, the views as you take in the expansive horizon beyond are breathtaking.

Mykonos (Delos), Greece
The stunning ruins found at the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos will leave you with a lasting memory of what this once great Mediterranean city was like during its glory days. Believed to be the mythical birthplace of the Goddess Artemis and God Apollo, Delos was dedicated as a major sanctuary. It attracted pilgrims from all corners of Greece, creating one of the wealthiest and most revered shrines of antiquity. The archaeological site is exceptionally extensive and conveys the image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean port.

Athens, Greece
The Old Olympic Stadium of Athens, or Panathenaic Stadium, offers fantastic views of the Acropolis. It was built entirely of marble and served as the site of the first modern-day Olympics in 1896. Like many constructions of its kind, it stands as a symbol of Athenian pride and greatness in the Greek world, reminding visitors that the city once dominated the Aegean basin.

Journey through many of the highlights of the Greek Isles and Egypt on our “9-Night Cairo to Athens: Pyramids & Fortresses” luxe-adventure voyage.

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