Tour Books Are For Tourists

You want more than to just explore the world. You want to experience it. The best way to do that is to dive right in and live like the locals. Follow these five paths to get an insider’s look at destinations less traveled.

Foodie Territory
To get that authentic experience wherever you roam, you need to sample the homegrown flavors. You could sit down at the usual restaurants along busy promenades and still get a taste of the local fare. But to get that true home-cooked by Mama savor at a neighborhood restaurant, your best bet is to get lost in the side streets away from the crowds. Find a mom-and-pop eatery to get the real taste of your destination.

Cultural Cul de Sac
You can make your way through prominent museums and art galleries to get a sense of a destination’s culture. Many big cities contain hidden neighborhoods with building murals painted by local artists. Catch an impromptu show by a street musician playing for tips at the corner of the pathway. Places only come alive because of the people who live there. So, get to know them.

History Buff Highway
Major landmarks and historical sights give a broad overview of a country’s past. But smaller, community museums and centers give you a more focused lens of a city’s or town’s history. Talk to the docents that run these little corners of the world. They are just as much history buffs as you are and are happy to talk your ear off about the who’s who of their neighborhoods.

Thrill Seekers Lane
Every destination has its sense of adventure, whether it’s the city catacombs that appeal to the curious mind or a coasteering excursion along the rugged coasts for the adrenaline enthusiast. All you have to do, is find it. When looking for that out-of-the-way thrill that didn’t make the big guides and tourist maps, you must talk to the residents. Chat up the shopkeepers or stop a passerby and ask for directions to the nearest hidden treasure.

Remote Explorations’ Road
You want to get away from the crowds and get lost in your surroundings. But first, you need to pick a remote destination. Somewhere few visit so you can get a feel for the land and connect with like-spirited explorers. Whether it’s a well-hidden secret cove only the residents know, or a little neighborhood filled with untapped riches, you will want to experience these less-frequented treasures to get the real feel of your destination.

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