The Two Faces of Mykonos

Perhaps the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek Islands, Mykonos is renowned for its wonderful hotels, vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches. But it also holds all the charms of small villages and local life as you wander its many winding paths. With a diverse array of culture, history and modern experiences, Mykonos is the ideal destination to find the adventure that suits your style.

Beach Life
For a trendy beachfront with all the conveniences of modern life, check out Ornos. Complete with plenty of restaurants and views of yachts and boats, it’s a lively shoreline perfect for a day of splashing in the sun. Kalafatis Beach invites water sports aficionados to come and play all day. If you’re into windsurfing, it’s the perfect spot to catch a breeze and glide across its crystal blue waters. Not a far walk from here lies Agia Anna, a small, less-crowded beach by a fishing port with a restaurant where you can sample the catch of the day.

Quaint Villages
Ano Mera is perhaps the most traditional of the island’s villages. Situated in the center of the island, it is definitely lacking fewer crowds than the bigger cities of the Greek Isles. Nearby is the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. It was founded in 1580, but the current building only dates to the 18th century. Within the chapel, there are some exquisite icons that depict scenes from the New Testament.

In Mykonos Town, you can take a guided walk that showcases the lifestyle and history of this unique enclave. Stroll the narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and discover that the streets were designed in this somewhat confusing maze to foil attacking pirates. Step inside the Archaeological Museum or the Naval Museum to learn the island’s fascinating history. Capture pictures of the delightful Little Venice neighborhood named so for its striking resemblance to the famous canal city.

Sample Local Flavors
Make sure you stop for some traditional mezedes (appetizers) on your adventures. Grab a seat at a local taverna and order a helping of saganaki, a mouthwatering, aged Greek cheese pan-fried to perfection and sometimes drizzled with honey. Remember to taste a traditional shot of ouzo as you raise a glass and yell, “Yiamas!”

Discover the different facets of Mykonos on our luxe-adventure journeys to the Greek Isles and Egypt.

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