Taking the Scenic Route

Whether walking or driving, a good panoramic view gives you a greater appreciation of what the world has to offer. Taking the long way to get acquainted with a destination’s roads and landscapes makes for a vacation that opens you up to adventure. What better way to find hidden paths than by getting lost on a scenic road?

Path of Lemons
Along the Amalfi Coast, life may give you lemons, but it is far from sour. The Path of Lemons, a relatively easy climb from Maiori to Minori, takes you through the famous groves. Delicious scents of citrus drift through the air as you pass through trees cultivated by Amalfi families for generations. Discover the source of Italy’s famed limoncello before you take a shot of the liqueur at a local restaurant.

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The Lycian Way

If you’re looking for an extended hike that gives you the best of roughing it, then the route from Fethiye to Antalya in Turkey was made for you. Though it takes approximately 25 days to complete, it’s worth the trek. You can camp along the way and stay the night in the locals’ houses in villages throughout the journey. The hilly coastline of the Tekke Peninsula will surely take your breath away as you truly get to know Turkey.

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Bzerpinsky Cornice
The lush, green valleys of the Bzerpinsky Cornice trail in Sochi, Russia expand as far as the eye can see. Set against a backdrop of clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds, it’s like a scene straight out of a postcard. With about 6.9 miles of trail to traverse, you can make your way through this beautiful track to take in the picturesque wildflowers and quaint farmhouses along the way for a serene walk through nature.

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Bucharest to Transylvania
The daytrip drive from Bucharest to Transylvania takes you through the stunning Romanian landscape of the Carpathian Mountains, conjuring a feeling of great adventures on the horizon. As you arrive in Brasov, the village famous for Bran Castle, the edifice that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The medieval atmosphere created by the architecture brings the gothic story to life for the literary and history fanatic.

Our “7-Night Essential Black Sea and Asia Minor” itinerary takes you to Bucharest for the chance to take the tour on your own.

ER101 Antiga

Portugal’s Madeira Coast is famous for incredible vistas along its rugged cliffs. One of the most scenic roads in the country, the ER101 Antiga, takes you through jaw-dropping views of green mountains as they descend to the ocean below. Some of the curves are so close to the sea that when the ocean’s waves get high enough, they spray against the road. There’s nothing quite as exciting as a drive through the narrow passages and tunnels you can find along the route.

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Costa Verde
While Rio de Janeiro holds a great deal for the adventurous soul, taking a drive outside the city to Sao Paulo feeds the need to explore. The lengthy drive through verdant peaks (where the route gets its name from), sandy beaches, mesmerizing bays and charming, colonial towns combines the best of Brazil’s landscape and culture, giving travelers a sense of something newly discovered. The trip calls for a stop at Angra Dos Reis (Creek of the Kings), a series of islands that are still relatively unpopulated by the usual tourist crowds.

Our “13-Night Intense Brazil – Samba and Sun” offers an overnight stay in Rio de Janeiro, giving you the chance to take the drive on your own.

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