Staying Green While Traveling

More and more travelers are becoming conscious explorers as they look for ways to venture into the world without impacting the environment. With a little know-how and research, it’s possible for wanderers to do their part to discover their world while maintaining it for future travelers to enjoy, too. A few small changes to their traveling lifestyle can make a huge difference in sustainability around the globe.

Go Reusable
Ditch the disposable plastics and reduce your waste. Due to global circumstances in the last year, plastic waste has increased 300 percent in the U.S. alone. Choose reusable masks, water bottles and straws while traveling. The less that gets thrown in the garbage, the better. It helps reduce waste around the world and lessens the impact you have on the environment as you explore and discover your exciting destinations.

Contribute to Local Economies

As you traverse remote ports and less-traveled locales, stop at the local restaurants and markets to contribute to that destination’s economy. It’s a great way to get authentic wares and food while contributing to small businesses. If you don’t mind a little extra work, find the businesses that contribute to worthy causes in their communities and shop with them to add a few credits to your karma bank.

Use Organic Cleaning Products

If you bring cleaning solutions for your personal cleaning on your travels, opt for organic and biodegradable products. There are many brands that offer antibacterial and disinfecting cleaning options that won’t cause damage to the environment. Organic soaps and cleaners are the ideal way to keep your personal belongings fresh and spotless while making sure you leave as small a footprint as possible on the destinations you visit.

Limit Emissions
Choose options with little to no emissions when exploring your destinations. Rent a bicycle to get between shorter distances when sightseeing rather than renting a car. For excursions of greater distance, choose a vehicle that’s not so much of a gas guzzler or an electric option. Map out the straightest route to your destinations so you use less gas, therefore adding fewer emissions to the atmosphere.

Pack Lighter
Keeping your suitcase lighter means less weight on whatever vessel you travel on, be it a plane, train, ship or car. The lighter the load, the more fuel-efficient your transport will be. Consider packing clothing that can be reused or easily washed by hand and air-dried for convenience.

Practice staying green and clean while exploring on one of our many luxe-adventure expeditions around Europe, The Holy Land, The Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Caribbean, South America and Antarctica.

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