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The legendary fortress of Masada carries with it a heavy history that will cause you to pause in reverence. But it’s that very spirit and significance that makes it one of the most beautiful hikes you will ever experience in your life. With multiple paths for walking and hiking, anyone can ascend to the top of Masada for a view that will take their breath away.

Accept the Challenge
The Elazar Path starts at Masada’s east entrance and lies south of the mountain. At about 2.5 miles in length, this route offers a challenging trek for the experienced hiker. The stunning view of Masada’s peaks and canyon amid a rugged terrain makes the Elazar Path one of the most rewarding hikes for travelers seeking a true challenge.

Masada’s Runner Path started as exactly what its name entails: for runners. In this case, runners didn’t mean casual morning joggers, but rather messengers that ran back and forth between encampments to relay important messages throughout the siege that took place at the fortress. Today, the approximately 2.3-mile path serves as a stimulating hike for those seeking a feeling of achievement from their travels.

Walk the Path
The Snake Path and Roman Ramp offer the mildest level of activity with a relatively easy incline to trek. These are great options for beginner hikers or travelers with limited physical movement. The Snake Path starts at the main east entrance and goes on for almost two miles. Its winding path makes it a longer walk for the wanderer seeking a slow and steady pace to appreciate Israel’s desert landscape.

The Roman Ramp begins at the west entrance and stretches for about a half-mile. This is a more direct path created by the Romans during their siege as a means to speed up their conquering of Masada. Both paths are popular among explorers, so travelers will find other like-spirited adventurers along the way to share in the incredible moment.

Sunrise Hike
Few things in this world are as mesmerizing as watching the sunrise over the Dead Sea from the top of Masada. Many sunrise hikes at the site take the winding Snake Path, making it an amazing way to get the blood pumping and wake up for the striking view that awaits. Gathered around the top of Masada as you share the moment with other explorers will bring you closer in spirit to your fellow travelers in a way most experiences can’t do.

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