Looking to the Horizon

Get off the couch and dust off your passport. It’s time to start preparing to travel again. As you get ready to trek the globe once more, delve into destinations from home with a few tips from the experts. From virtual tour options to stories from locals around the world, it’s easy to satisfy the travel bug while you prep for your next adventure.

Listen to Podcasts
From road-trip stories to tales of getting lost in a new city, travel podcasts offer you the perfect way to give into your wanderlust as you prepare to leave your house. Bonus points if you listen while commuting or taking a drive around town. Podcasts like “On She Goes” tackle subjects like what it’s like to travel as a woman while “Trail Less Traveled” dives into remote destinations that are rarely visited.

When you’re anxiously awaiting your next trip, the next best way to travel is through books and reading. Whether it’s fiction that sweeps you away to a locale’s lush setting or nonfiction that dives into deeper connections with nature, books let you engage with other cultures and places that will spark the imagination. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail with Cheryl Strayed in her memoir Wild or go globetrotting with the late Anthony Bourdain in World Travel: An Irreverent Guide as you pick out your next itinerary.

Enjoy Food and Drink
Recreating the cultural cuisine of countries far and wide at home is a great way to satiate the travel bug while you wait to get out there. Pick a region and a dish and get to cooking. Find the recipe for a signature cocktail and enjoy it alongside your meal of choice. Tastes and flavors are the best way to pretend you’re far from home.

Check out this recipe for steak Gaucho-style with chimichurri sauce for an authentic taste of Argentina.

Go on a Virtual Tour
Thanks to today’s technology, travel is more accessible than ever with virtual tours of various sites and cities around the world. Take a stroll through the Perito Moreno Glacier of Argentinian Patagonia from The Guardian’s virtual tour. Trek the paths of the Pyramids of Giza with Google Earth, as well as many other UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Make Plans
Looking forward to future travels is half the fun of a trip. Making plans for your next vacation will make you excited for the adventures ahead and give you a head start on how to maximize your good time. Dust off the old bucket list and update your priorities for journeys less taken.

Check out one of our many exciting luxe-adventure voyages throughout Europe, The Holy Land, Caribbean and South America, and Antarctica for when it’s time to travel again.

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