Like a Local: Tips from the Locals of Buenos Aires, Argentina

You most likely want to avoid the usual touristy stuff at a new destination. What you really want to do is experience it all like a local. The inside scoop direct from the residents gives you a genuine exploration that turns your travels into epic moments. The locals of Buenos Aires recommend everything from where to eat and what neighborhoods to wander to give you the best experience possible in their city.

Palermo – This neighborhood catches the eye with vibrant street art and cobblestone streets, showcasing the city’s perfect mix of past and present. Its parks entice you to linger a while with the perfume of jacarandas.

Recoleta – Holding the remnants of families with old money, this neighborhood contains extravagant hotels and an ornate graveyard where you’ll find Evita Peron’s resting place. It all tells a story of wealth and abundance past that stood the test of time.

San Telmo – Here you can find a steakhouse and tango show at just about every corner. It’s the perfect place to get an authentic experience of Argentina’s rich and storied culture.

Where to Eat and Drink
Las Cabras – When in Argentina it’s necessary to eat at a steakhouse at least once. You’ll find them everywhere, but Las Cabras offers a no-frills atmosphere that shows they mean business when it comes to steak. Plus, if the locals frequent it, you know it must be good. It’s a great way to mingle with residents and get even more insight on where to go.

Santal Café – Start the day right with a hearty breakfast from a local favorite. They recommend ordering the number four, complete with bacon, scrambled eggs, yogurt, homemade bread, coffee or tea and orange juice. Located near Cabildo Avenue, it gives you the chance to walk off your breakfast and work up an appetite for lunch.

El Sanjuanino – This local restaurant in the midst of the Recoleta neighborhood is best known for its empanadas, but its other dishes deserve just as much recognition. Serving regional cuisine like tamales and locro (stew), it’s one of the best places to get genuine Argentinian fare.

La Poesia – Stop by this less-known gem in the San Telmo neighborhood for a laid-back dining experience that harkens to literary icons of old. La Poesia creates a vintage ambience that invites you to sit and stay a while, sipping your wine as you dig into a picada – an array of finger foods composed of bread, cold cuts, cheeses and more.

Doppelganger Bar – There is no shortage of craft cocktails at this local watering hole, where mixology is truly an art form. This San Telmo bar offers over 100 drinks on their menu and takes the craft seriously, with carefully chosen ingredients and chilled crystal glasses to make it the perfect combination of flavor and presentation.

Beyond the Usual Landmarks
Costanera Sur Nature Reserve – Take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of Argentina with a walk or picnic through the lush grounds of this ecological reserve.

Bebop Club – Experience an intimate atmosphere with local talent as you revel in a live music performance of this basement club in the historic Monserrat neighborhood. Musicians play everything from jazz to funk to blues and soul.

Salón Marabú – One of the oldest dance halls in the San Nicolas neighborhood, this milonga offers an authentic tango experience with live music for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the culture.

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