Island Hopping and Beyond

There are so many routes to choose from when traveling to bucket-list destinations. No matter what road you take, you’re sure to discover a different perspective and gain a deeper appreciation of local cultures. On a luxe-adventure journey along the shorelines of Egypt and Greece, there’s a great deal of magic to be found.

Cairo (Alexandria), Egypt
Sprawled out in expansive, vibrant greens lie the Shalalat Gardens of Alexandria. The peaceful atmosphere of El Shalalat Park, where the gardens reside, creates the perfect backdrop for a quiet stroll along the paved path that eventually leads to a crumbling tower. Like a picture out of a storybook, the gardens make it easy to get lost in the magic of the city.

Paphos, Cyprus
While Paphos is considered the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, it does not get mired in its past mythology. With a modern waterfront filled with shops, restaurants and hotels, the city is filled with opportunities to become swept away in modern local life. If you’re a foodie traveler, you’ll be glad to know that Cypriot cuisine makes an impression. Influences coming from across three continents and various cultures create the island’s flavors, ranging from Greek to Turkish to Middle Eastern.

Rhodes, Greece
Rhodes holds the same charm as the other Greek Isles with a plethora of beachfront scenes to enjoy and explore. Among them, Kallithea Beach, famous for hot medicinal springs, offers a wondrous retreat amid a rocky environment that invites the explorer spirit to discover its many facets.

Lindos, Greece
The beaches of Lindos provide breathtaking views of the enticing blue waters of the Aegean Sea. St. Paul’s Bay on the southeast coast of Rhodes is a popular site, and for good reason. The little white chapel on the hill above the turquoise ocean below makes a picturesque scene for all to enjoy. The village itself holds a quaint charm that invites you to explore its narrow, winding streets. Taking the road less traveled you come across local tavernas and restaurants between beautiful churches and captivating architecture.

Kos, Greece
The third largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, Kos contains a combination of rich history and enchanting beaches. Among its most popular landmarks is the Asklepieion, a significant archaeological site that once stood as a healing center, named for Asklepios, the son of the Greek god Apollo. Emerald waters with sandy shores make Kos beaches some of the most beautiful locales on the Aegean coast.

Santorini, Greece
When you think of the quintessential whitewashed houses of Greece with blue domes and windmills sprinkled throughout the landscape, it’s Santorini that comes to mind. This island of the Cyclades contains lush scenery, a quaint charm, and a cosmopolitan feel all at once. A visit to Santorini is not complete until you sample the local fare – fava me koukia. Mashed fava beans are prepped with lemon, parsley, dill and fennel for a delectable Greek dish popular among the islanders. Or opt for tomato gefthedes (tomato fritters) for another savory selection.

Mykonos, Greece
The aroma of an old bakery, which still uses a 15th-century wood-burning stove, entices you with the delicious scents of Greek pastries and baked goods. It is not a visit to Mykonos without sampling a local favorite, loukoumádes, fried dough dripped in honey, and sometimes topped with sesame seeds.

Athens, Greece
As you wend through back alleys, passing the street art and getting serenaded by street musicians, you are never lost. You are simply taking a journey to an unknown destination. You may find yourself at the likes of the Church of Agioi at the southeast corner of the Holy Apostles Ancient Agora, a less-crowded historical site away from the flocks of tourists.

Wander the paths from Egypt to the Greek Isles on our “7-Night Cairo to Athens: Island Shorelines & Cliffs” luxe-adventure voyage.

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