Hidden Beach Paradises of Salvador da Bahia

Brazil’s sandy shores and sunny skies make it the ideal destination for a beach crawl across the coast. While you can lay out and tan on the sand or float in the ocean currents, some explorers look for locales with a bigger sense of discovery. Salvador da Bahia offers plenty of beachfront views and places for the adventurous spirit looking for something a little more hidden.

Praia do Espelho
Surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush palm trees, Praia do Espelho offers a remote getaway for only the most dedicated of beach bums. A lone, tiny restaurant with no menu and only serving homecooked meals makes this hidden gem all the more appealing for wanderers looking for authentic experiences.

Praia Boipeba
Boipeba Island in the Tinharé archipelago takes you away from the noise and stimulation of Salvador. The sheer beauty created by Praia Boipeba’s surroundings of the ocean and the Estuary of the Rio Inferno made it worthy of UNESCO World Heritage Site standards as a biosphere reserve. You can hike, canoe and boat throughout the beach’s pristine environment, so long as you do your part to keep it that way.

The name translates to “little beach” in Portuguese, but don’t let that fool you. Its views and location pack a powerful punch. Considered the crowning jewel of Itacaré, a famous Brazilian surf town, Prainha contains small bays and unspoiled corners of rainforest along the coastline. To get there, you have to trek through a few miles of jungle, making it a must-visit for the spirited traveler.

Praia do Encanto
The fifth, and least known, of the beaches of Morro de São Paulo surrounds you with enchanting mangroves that are made for a postcard opportunity. It’s so little visited by tourists or locals that it contains no organized services for beachgoers, so you’re truly left to nature when you visit Praia do Encanto.

Praia de Moreré
This part of Boipeba, the neighboring island of Morro de São Paulo, is surrounded by wild mangrove swamps. That’s why so few cars and people ever make it to the area, leaving it rife with wildlife. From monkeys and birds in the trees to whales and dolphins in the ocean, you’re sure to spot a critter lurking in the landscape of Praia de Moreré.

Praia Sao Tomé de Paripe
Sometimes, you’re looking for a place that’s a little rough around the edges. That’s exactly what Praia Sao Tomé de Paripe offers. It holds a more rugged beauty with its street vendors and bustling local life amid a rocky shore. There’s a lot more noise here than in the other hidden beaches, but it’s got a grit that can’t compare to the shinier tourist attractions.

Located along the Discovery Coast of Bahia, Caraíva holds true to that spirit with an arduous journey to get to it. You’ll need a few modes of transportation to get to this remote stretch of beach, including a donkey ride to the finish line. But the reward at the end is well worth the trouble when you come across its tranquil atmosphere amid a forest of coconut trees.

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