Go Global. Shop Local

Throughout your travels, you may find yourself wanting to do your part to support local economies. By being a patron to local, small businesses, you can help the people of the destinations you’re visiting. It also gives you the chance to engage with them and have more authentic experiences.

Eat Local
Taste the true flavors of your destination by finding a local restaurant to enjoy a meal. There’s nothing quite like finding a hidden alcove with a family-owned eatery featuring recipes passed down from one generation to the next. It’s an intimate experience that only comes from straying off the beaten path.

Look for Craftspeople and Artists
One of the best ways to find unique and meaningful gifts to take home for yourself and loved ones is by seeking artists or craft markets wherever you roam. Small businesses like independent book shops will often carry work by local artisans as well.

Neighborhood Markets and Grocers
When you find yourself in need of a snack while exploring or need to pick up essentials like toothpaste or sunblock, check out the neighborhood stores. Farmers’ markets especially are a great place to find fresh produce for an afternoon snack like delicious fruit, nuts and other local treats.

Walking Tours With Local Vendors
No one knows the streets and stories of a destination better than the locals. Take a walking tour with a resident vendor to learn the best spots to explore further once the tour is over and find out the secret histories that never made the books.

Spread the Word
If you enjoyed your experience with a local business, restaurant or excursion, let others know. Leave reviews on websites like TripAdvisor or on the business’s social media pages. Share the love on your own social channels and recommend them to fellow travelers who plan on visiting that destination in the future.

Explore the world and support local businesses on a luxe-adventure expedition.

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