Do the Shutterbug on Vacation

Whether you want to pose with every monument across the world or get the perfect shot of your high-energy exploits, you need the right camera to do it. Part of the fun of vacation is recording it for posterity. From recorders for the vlogger to cameras for amateur photographers, we have you covered.

For the Expedition Expert
Veteran vacationers have had plenty of experience with travel photography. They need a versatile camera that’s easy to transport. Mirrorless digital cameras make for professional level equipment that are a little bigger than a DSLR but smaller than a bulky point-and-shoot camera. They offer the ability to change lenses and adapt to low lighting, making them the ideal camera for any environment explorers find themselves in.

For the Landscape Admirer
If you’re tech savvy and feel comfortable with new gadgets, then a drone camera makes the best option for outstanding landscape shots. Drones can get up high and capture a full, panoramic picture that you simply cannot get with a regular camera on the ground. Just make sure the area you’re in allows drones before putting it in the air.

For the Wildlife Enthusiast
To capture the elusive wildlife wherever you travel, a micro 4/3rds camera is recommended. Its in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system makes it easy to get clear, quality photos on the go. It makes tripods an unnecessary nuisance while you try to capture the perfect shot of that waddling penguin or the whale fluke as it breaches the water’s surface.

For the Excursion Explorer
When it comes to getting thrills and recording those memories, an adventure travel camera like a GoPro is the way to go. These cameras come with features like a touch screen, 4K video, and waterproof case, making them ideal for any adventure you find yourself on. Their ultra-small size also makes them perfect to carry with you on every excursion.

For the Videographer
Sometimes, a still shot isn’t enough to capture the magic of a moment. You will want an effective digital camera that takes excellent videos. Make sure to choose a compact camera with a superior microphone for recording. A camera with a flip screen is also ideal for video recording so you can see the shot you’re capturing.

For the Beginner
If you’re not well versed in photography and a little intimidated by all the camera jargon, then a compact camera suits your needs best. But just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you have to settle for low quality photos of your bucket-list vacation. A simple, digital camera with at least 20 megapixels will work to get high-quality pictures. Plus, it’s easy to pack in a carry-on bag.

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