Discovering Ancient Worlds From Athens to Cairo

Adventure has a different definition for everyone. Whatever your definition is, you can find the perfect one on a luxe-adventure journey with Atlas Ocean Voyages. From discovering ancient ruins to immersing yourself in today’s local culture, these destinations from the Greek Isles to Egypt offer an array of opportunities to get lost in unbelievable experiences.

Athens, Greece
You have the opportunity to discover the countryside with an extensive immersion in the Peloponnese region with hiking along the Neda River or a visit at the St. John Prodromos monastery. When in Athens, the ruins hold a compelling allure, and the Olympic Stadium and Acropolis call out to your inner explorer.

Nafplion (Mycenae, Epidaurus), Greece
Return even further into the past as you walk the paths of King Agamemnon in Mycenae. The remaining stones of the king’s former fortress hold a rich history that captivates the imagination. In Epidaurus, discover the famous amphitheater with an acoustic design that perfectly exemplifies the innovations of Greece’s ancient peoples. Visit the adjoining museum to see the findings from excavations of all archaeological sites nearby.

Patmos, Greece
This destination is famous as the site where St. John was rumored to have written the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Known as the “Holy Island,” it’s a place that holds a great deal of reverence as you discover all the secrets of its past. With the chance to go in-depth during a visit to the famous Grotto of St. John and other monasteries, you become immersed in the stories that make this island come alive.

Mykonos, Greece
While Mykonos is best known as a destination made for nightlife, it also leads to the fascinating site of ancient Delos, an island made completely of ruins. Watch the past come back to life with an excursion that lets you explore with augmented reality (AR) technology. See what the ruins looked like before they succumbed to time.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini also has a reputation as a party island, but its village of Akrotiri is home to the most important prehistoric settlement of the Aegean. Explore the ruins and the nearby caldera to satisfy your inner historian. Or sample the local wine with a visit to the charming village of Oia, the site of a robust winemaking culture.

Heraklion, Crete
From canyoning the stunning Tsoutsouros Gorge to trekking the Cretan landmarks of Elounda and Spinaloga, Heraklion holds an array of adventures for every kind of traveler. Archaeological wonders like the Palace of Knossos offer an intellectually stimulating option for the curious explorer. If you seek a more challenging excursion, try your hand at rock climbing the famed Via Ferrata.

Alexandria, Egypt
With two full days in Alexandria and options to explore Cairo, you can explore these iconic Egyptian destinations the way they should be explored. Wander the ruins of the iconic Library of Alexandria and trek the catacombs of Kom El Shuqafa. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride for a whimsical and scenic tour of the city’s highlights.

Find an adventure made for you on our “9-Night Athens to Cairo: Immersive Egypt” luxe-adventure expedition.

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