Caribbean Islands to British Isles

While Britain is most associated with images of expansive cliffsides and historic castles, there’s another side to the island that you might miss if you’re not looking. Inside the renowned city of London lies a thriving Caribbean community. Made up of energetic and multicultural neighborhoods, these boroughs contain a vibrant range of diverse experiences to immerse yourself in on your travels.

A lively community of an African-Caribbean population defines the London neighborhood of Hackney. Take a stroll down Kingsland Road to find a smattering of Jamaican bakeries and restaurants. Stop in at Rudie’s Jerk Shack for their famous charcoal-grilled chicken, pork and lamb. Nearby at the Rum Kitchen, with a location in Brixton as well, celebrate carnival year-round with savory Caribbean barbecue.

Notting Hill
Better known as a posh district with high-end shops and restaurants, Notting Hill holds a different side that you can see with a local tour. Dive beyond the surface to learn about the church Bob Marley’s Island Records converted into a recording studio. Check out the scene of London’s poignant race riots. Look for the restaurant that once hosted some of the most intellectual and artistic minds of the 1970s Black movement, like Jimi Hendrix and Nina Simone.

Known as the unofficial capital of the British African-Caribbean community as far back as 1948, Brixton has also become known as London’s Little Jamaica. It’s become such a central destination filled with Jamaican culture that in 2010 it was awarded the status of heritage protection. Vendors in the Brixton Market blast the latest music hits from Jamaica while selling spices, wares and food that remind the community’s thriving immigrant population of home. Over on Strathleven Road you’ll find “Big Splash,” Brixton’s famous street mural among the many that date back to the 70s and 80s.

On board our “13-Night London to Dublin” or “9-Night Lisbon to London” luxe-adventure expeditions, you can make your way to London to find and experience the city’s vibrant Caribbean culture.

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