A Day in Le Panier

The oldest district of Marseille contains an atmosphere made for the curious explorer. This small village thrives with local artistry in all its forms, from graffiti to cuisine to specialty crafts. No matter what path you take in Le Panier, you’re sure to find creativity that speaks to your soul.

Passage de Lorette
Coming from the subway entrance on Rue de la République, you come across a narrow passage between the Haussmann buildings. This alley leading from the city to Le Panier village automatically gives you the sense that the vibes are about to change. As you walk the dark passage the light of Le Panier ahead beckons you to enter a world unlike the one you left behind in Marseille.

Rue du Panier
This is one of the main streets of the Panier district where you’ll find the most foot traffic and activity. Rue de Panier leads to Place des Treize Cantons and Place des Moulins. It’s in these squares you can experience what it’s like to live as a French citizen of Marseille. Choose a café to sit and watch the people as they stroll by on their way to work or see them rush to catch the bus. It’s often the simple, quiet moments like these in your travels that highlight what we have in common.

Street Art Abounds
The bohemian district of Le Cours Julien and its surrounding alleyways provides some of the best views of the local street art. Intricate graffiti with vibrant colors catches the eye along the facades of little shops. You can find an abundance of stencil drawings throughout the street art that creates varying dimensions and textures that are sure to mesmerize you. Murals on the sides of buildings turn the streets into a museum gallery surrounded by the energy of everyday life.

Montée des Accoules

The stairs leading from the Old Port into Le Panier have been the inspiration and subject of many an artist. The Montée des Accoules, or Rise of the Accoules, takes you to Place de Lenche and Place Daviel, where you can get a spectacular view of the bell tower of the Notre Dame des Accoules Church. The courtyard and crypts of the Notre Dame des Accoules, with a history dating back to 1033, call out to be explored and discovered anew.

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