6 Small Villages to Explore in Patmos, Greece

The island of Patmos is one of Greece’s less-traveled destinations. But that doesn’t make it any less spectacular than its better-known counterparts. In fact, Patmos has a special history that captivates the imagination. It is best known as the location of where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. Its prevalent religious history inspired the Greek Parliament to deem it a “Holy Island.”

But Patmos’ intrigue goes beyond its ties to the Bible. Made up of various small villages that range from tourist hubs to the most remote locales, this Greek island offers everything the adventurous traveler could want from a voyage.

1. Skala
You can consider Skala the more “cosmopolitan” of the Patmos villages. Flourishing after the settlement of wealthy families, tourism to the town brought with it modern housing, hotels, and businesses. But it still holds the charms of a small Greek village like you would expect on a trip to the Aegean. A visit to Skala calls for a stop at Petrokaravo, a tiny islet that is worth the boat ride.

2. Castelli
The ancient Acropolis of Patmos lies on the lands of Castelli village. This archaeological site has given evidence of the town’s existence as far back as the Bronze Age. The remaining fortifications indicate the existence of an ancient cemetery as well. As you climb the stones of past you cannot help but get immersed in the village’s history, feeling its age.

3. Chora
The capital of Patmos offers a fascinating combination of quaint village houses and extravagant mansions. Here you will find the famed Monastery of St. John, a significant landmark in the town’s religious history. Stone paths between whitewashed houses lead to local treasures and a chance to get to know Chora like the residents do. Expansive landscapes with mountain peaks will take your breath away.

4. Kambos
The settlement of Kambos serves idyllic scenes of olive groves and orchards along the countryside and quaint cobblestone streets within the village. It lies in two parts: Kato Kambos (lower) and Pano Kambos (upper). The renowned church of the Annunciation lies within the boundaries of Pano Kambos, inviting travelers to explore its storied past.

5. Grikos
Grikos is one of Patmos’ better known secrets, but it is still a beautiful destination for the discerning traveler. Built on a plateau surrounded by lush greenery with crystal blue waters on the beach, it’s the epitome of a paradise vacation. Luxury hotels, a yacht marina, and shops along its streets make Grikos a comfortable place to visit while still holding the magic of a less-traveled destination.

6. Sapsila
This tiny village between Grikos and Skala is as remote as it gets. A charming small town by the seaside, Sapsila rarely has other visitors, giving you the chance to get well acquainted with the beach and the locals. Dotted with family-owned taverns, you can get a helping of fresh fish for any meal. A few scattered whitewash houses, the iconic picture of Greece, create a postcard perfect backdrop.

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