10 Best Places for Views on an Atlas Expedition

One of the best parts of travel is snapping a shot of that perfect panoramic. In between adventures, it’s great to catch a breather while enjoying a spectacular view. From the Black Sea to Antarctica, check out the 10 best views among the destinations we visit.

10. Batumi, Georgia

For the art enthusiasts, Batumi offers unique sights like this one. The Statue of LOVE creates a strange but inspiring scene with a backdrop of open sky and distant mountain peaks on the horizon. It’s a quintessential example of the architecture and structures you will see in this Georgia city.

Catch more than a glimpse of this sight on the Heart of the Black Sea expedition or the MAX SHORE Black Sea in Full itinerary.

9. Puerto Madryn

This Argentinian city is best known for its wildlife viewing. But as part of the Patagonia region, it also holds a great deal of natural beauty with stunning vistas. The contrast of brush and sand against the deep blue of the ocean in this view creates a sense of serenity that must be experienced in person.

Join us on the Argentine Thrill expedition to get the full picture of Puerto Madryn.

8. Antarctic Peninsula

Captain’s Choice on an Antarctica expedition cruise makes for a thrilling trek through The White Continent. The Antarctic Peninsula offers awe-inspiring sights like this one. Pitch black peaks poking through a blanket of pure white ice atop mirror-like waters are often found on Deception Island.

Get the chance to see the black and white effect of rugged mountains amid glaciers on one of three Antarctic luxe-adventure journeys.

7. Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Teide National Park, located on the largest of the Canary Islands, provides impressive views of vibrant orange hues. The spectacular geographic features add to the feeling of triumph as you hike the paths of Mount Teide.

Visit Santa Cruz, Tenerife on our Connecting European and Caribbean Islands voyage.

6. Rio de Janeiro

Rio lies along the lines where cosmopolitan city and extraordinary natural landscapes meet. A coastline filled with skyscrapers gives way to blue ocean and rocky cliffs covered in lush green vegetation. The magnificence of this view is enough to leave any explorer wanting more.

See the magic of Rio de Janeiro on our Intense Brazil – Samba and Sun expedition.

5. South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands

Among the tussock grass along the beach shore you will find the King penguins that rule the lands of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. The sight of such wildlife brings on a nostalgic feeling of childhood and being filled with wonder.

4. Ushuaia

Ushuaia, Argentina is the gateway port to all Antarctica adventures. Its landscapes are the perfect marriage between the southernmost regions of South America and the icy vistas that await. With a deep valley between mountains and a glimpse of the sea beyond, it’s easy to get lost in wanderlust.

Find your way to Ushuaia on the Argentine Thrill expedition or one of our Antarctica voyages.

3. Cappadocia

The unique geographic features of Turkey’s Cappadocia loom up from the ground while hot air balloons rise high into the skies. It’s like a magical scene out of a fantasy story. The colors of the balloons mix with the colors of the sun and the sky to create a captivating scene you cannot get anywhere else.

Take a voyage to the Black Sea or Holy Land with us and get the chance to take an excursion out to Cappadocia.

2. Amalfi Coast

The famed Amalfi Coast of Italy has its reputation for a reason. Standing atop a villa among one of many rooftop gardens in the region, you get a breathtaking view of the ever-expanding horizon. Blue as far as the eye can see will leave you with a greater appreciation for the great, wide world.

Come see the enchanting Amalfi Coast for yourself on our Iconic Greece & Italy expedition.

1. Solar Eclipse Over Antarctica

Words could never do justice to the sight of this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event. As you navigate the Scotia Sea amid the glaciers, a total eclipse of the sun high above inspires a sense of reverence. It’s the kind of scene that needs to be experienced in person.

Witness this marvel for yourself on our Antarctic Solar Eclipse journey.

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