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Every ship’s story starts somewhere, and the design of World Navigator’s begins with the artful eyes of award-winning duo OITOEMPONTO, an iconic design team who launched their company together in 1993. The dynamic team brings decades of experience to the table, having designed everything from shop interiors to penthouses to resorts, and have even been featured in Architectural Digest multiple times. With offices in Portugal, Paris and London, they’ve become a renowned artistic force throughout Europe.

Now, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec bring those same keen sensibilities to the design of Atlas Ocean Voyages’ first ship. It will be their first ship design as well for our inaugural sailing mid-summer 2021.

“We’ve designed hotels, resorts, private residences and even worked on projects for royalty and government officials. We’ve conquered interior design on land. It was time to take our talents to the next level,” said Miranda.

“We’ve never designed ship interiors before. That’s actually a good thing. It means we’re coming at this with a fresh perspective. We’re still bringing that luxury and comfort guests will expect from a brand like Atlas. But we get to be playful, too, and consider questions like, ‘Where will they go? What will they do? What will they see?’ All those details give us a new canvas and palette to work with. We’re excited,” added Bec.

The duo’s name means “eight o’clock precisely,” in Portuguese and that precision is readily apparent in their signature style. Every detail exudes timeless refinement with cosmopolitan sensibilities, creating a marriage of contemporary and vintage that leaves every space they create feeling like a modern classic.

Artur Miranda, who trained in fashion and design in Porto, Portugal approaches the art of fashioning interiors with a zeal to break with convention and emphasize a distinctive sense of color. Jacques Bec, who studied interior design at the Penninghen School in Paris, brings a uniquely French sense of style and a passion for 19th-century décor. It’s this exact combination of elegant touches with non-traditional impressions that make OITOEMPONTO the perfect design team for World Navigator.

Together they aim to bring a 1940s aesthetic to the new millennium with the interior design of World Navigator. They’re creating something that’s modern and contemporary, but with an added plus, like with glossy mahogany for all interiors and contrasting, graphic marble designs. Moreover, they’re crafting a unique atmosphere for the luxe-adventure experience with furniture and carpeting that is specially designed for World Navigator, with sophisticated and bold fabrics.

Miranda and Bec took every aspect of the brand and the guests’ needs into account when designing the ship’s interior. It’s all about combining spacious sensibilities that still allow for shared experiences between like-spirited explorers. These two concepts may seem at odds, but OITOEMPONTO thrives in the contrary.

While the food takes center stage in the dining areas, with menus featuring locally inspired gourmet cuisine, the ambience plays an important, supporting role. OITOEMPONTO’s design incorporates ample space between tables that will seat 2-4 guests, creating a sense of intimacy for guests to share a meal and craft cocktails as they regale each other with tales of their exploits on shore.

For days spent sailing the seas between ports, they’ll have the opportunity to settle quietly in the lounge. Miranda’s and Bec’s design here continue to incorporate that widespread style consisting of multiple, snug nooks all around. This makes it an ideal spot to get together with fellow explorers while maintaining personal space.

Whether guests stay in the ship’s most-spacious Navigator suite or the comfortable Veranda stateroom, Miranda’s and Bec’s layouts and décor all create a sumptuous space with simple yet elegant style that makes each accommodation feel like every guest’s own personal haven on board.

98 percent of all suites and staterooms have private balconies, all featuring teak furniture, adding to that sense of a luxurious home away from home. Guests staying in rooms with Juliet-style balconies and panoramic windows can also enjoy expansive ocean views crafted with a minimalist design.

Miranda’s and Bec’s model for the private baths in every room includes marble craftsmanship that easily complements the L’OCCITANE en Provence amenities provided in every bath. A tub and his and her sinks in the Navigator suite provide the ultimate relaxation and sense of indulgence, giving those guests the freedom to sink into a luxuriating bath after long days of adventure.

Get a glimpse of what to expect from OITOEMPONTO’s interior design aboard World Navigator as you browse our accommodations.

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