Mapping the Path to Adventure

Adventures look different for every traveler. Some may prefer an easier endeavor that immerses them in culture while others seek a physical challenge. Whatever bucket-list moments explorers are looking for, certain destinations are just made for adventures high and low. These countries, featured in Condè Nast Traveler, hold a specific allure for adventurers of every kind.

From the natural wonders of the Patagonia region to horseback riding excursions at traditional estancias, Argentina offers plenty of opportunities to find an adventure that best suits you. Take in the vibrant tango culture in Buenos Aires in the neighborhood of San Telmo for an authentic experience. In Puerto Madryn, you could watch for various species of wildlife and even get the chance to swim with whale sharks.

Discover what adventures wait for you in Argentina on our “8-Night Argentine Thrill” and “7-Night Ushuaia to Buenos Aires” luxe-adventure voyages.

There are few destinations synonymous with the spirit of exploration, and Portugal is one of them, with a heritage that spans centuries. Whether it’s trekking the Megalithic Monuments of Alacalar in Portimão or sipping a glass of Porto’s famous port wine, Portugal offers varying levels of adventure for whatever speed you prefer. If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to be one with nature, check out the port city of Sagres, a locale burgeoning with hiking, surfing, diving, and boating opportunities.

Our “13-Night Connecting European and Caribbean Islands,” “7-Night Santa Cruz to Lisbon” and “7-Night Lisbon to Málaga” expeditions take you to the many experiences of Portugal.

Equal parts historic exploration and tropical getaway, Spain offers something for the curious, adventurous, laid-back, and reverent. Old cities like Valencia, Seville, Melilla, Barcelona and Málaga invite you to journey to past stories that still resonate. But the country of Spain also includes the likes of the Canary Islands, an archipelago made for remote getaways with the chance to dive into natural wonders. It also consists of the Balearics, an island chain that contains the world-renowned Ibiza.

Join our “7-Night Bucket List Mediterranean,” “7-Night Lisbon to Málaga,” or “13-Night Málaga to Rome” luxe-adventure tours to discover the many faces of Spain.

Known as a land of fire and ice with a terrain similar to a lunar landscape, it’s impossible not to find adventure in Iceland. While the allure of this destination lies in its famous Northern Lights, you’ll also discover a more serene quest in the fishing town of Ísafjörður. It’s here you truly get a feel for the local life in the hidden parts of Iceland. But Reykjavík also entrances you with a more modern charm, fascinating architecture and an eccentric culinary scene.

Navigate the hidden gems of Iceland on our “13-Night Longyearbyen to Edinburgh” expedition.

Most travelers associate Peru with the famous ruins of Machu Picchu, but there’s so much more to explore in this diverse landscape. The Paracas National Preserve is home to abundant marine and bird life for those seeking wildlife watching opportunities. Meanwhile, the city of Salaverry leads the way to archaeological wonders like the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon pyramids.

Sail on our “7-Night Balboa to Lima” and “9-Night Lima to Valparaíso” expedition cruises to discover a new adventure in Peru.

Full of verdant landscapes, sandy shores, colonial architecture and colorful local cultures, Brazil’s diversity provides the perfect backdrop for an impromptu adventure. Dive into aquatic sports in Florianopolis or hike the lush trails to Iguazú Falls for a challenging excursion. Explore the vibrant neighborhood of Pelourinho and learn about the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador da Bahia. Ride the waves of the sand dunes of Natal on a dune buggy ride.

Traverse the many routes of Brazil on our “13-Night Intense Brazil – Samba and Sun” and “13-Night Rio de Janeiro to Santa Cruz” luxe-adventure voyages.

Costa Rica
While it’s roughly the size of West Virginia, this small Central American country holds adventure every which way you look. With a quarter of its land standing as protected jungle, you’re bound to find a unique experience wherever you roam here. In Quepos, you find the gateway to the country’s beloved Manuel Antonio National Park. But Costa Rica also contains beachside exploits, like surfing in Puerto Caldera.

Find your one-of-a-kind escapade in Costa Rica on our “9-Night Colón to Balboa” journey.

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