Going Global When Going National

The grand beauty of a destination can often be captured within the bounds of a country’s national parks. These natural reserves are made to preserve the pristine conditions of the raw nature that makes up our planet. When exploring a new locale, visiting its national parks is a great way to discover its unique and enchanting environment.

Mount Teide, the highest point of elevation in Spain, offers breathtaking views with a short cable car ride up near its summit. The active volcano offers fertile grounds that are home to over 150 plant species, making it a colorful landscape you will not want to miss. Its walking paths give you the chance to challenge your muscles to the ultimate hike.

Join our excursion to Mount Teide National Park on our “13-Night Connecting European and Caribbean Islands” TransAtlantic voyage.

Tierra del Fuego
Snow-capped mountains. Lush landscapes of forest. Golden, tussock grass scenescapes. This is just a glimmer of what Argentina’s only coastal national park has to offer. Nestled in the Andean-Patagonia region, Tierra del Fuego contains sweeping views and exciting wildlife. The Land of Fire as it lies amid the land of ice in the sub-Arctic tundra creates a majestic portrait.

In a country known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland’s landscape offers verdant views far and wide. Among these vistas, Killarney National Park stands out. The Killarney countryside includes MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, the highest mountain range in the nation, with some of the best trails to hike and earn your sight of the horizon.

Best-known as the site of Cappadocia, Göreme National Park stretches into the valley for which it’s named. The volcanic landscape formed over centuries into unique, geographic shapes resembling house chimneys that you cannot help but be delighted over from a hot air balloon ride overhead. The troglodyte villages and underground cities carved into the mountains give you much to explore as well.

Experience the enchanting Göreme National Park on our signature “MAX SHORE: 24-Night Magical Cappadocia” itinerary.

Only about 68 miles (109 kilometers) from Porto, the Peneda-Gerês National Park of Portugal balances natural wonders with historical heritage sites. From wild horses roaming the lush landscapes to the thermal village of Castro Laboreiro with typical granite houses of old, it’s a place that beckons to the wanderlust spirit.

Iguazú Falls
Home to one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Iguazú Falls National Park straddles the border between Argentina and Brazil. These magnificent cascades amid the subtropical forests of South America create a jungle landscape filled with the promise of adventure. You’re likely to hear the calls of howler monkeys and other wildlife as you venture through these wooded paths.

Our “13-Night Intense Brazil – Samba and Sun” luxe-adventure journey gives you the opportunity to explore the Iguazú Falls National Park.

A pilgrimage along the expansive scenery along the Dead Sea takes you to Masada: an ancient fortress and ruins that hold great significance in the Jewish religion. The trek to the summit of the fortress begins either on the zig-zagging Snake Path or the easier Roman Ramp. Walking these paths offers stunning views of the golden sun over brown, stone hills as far as the eye can see.

Discover Masada’s reverent beauty on one of our many of our expeditions to The Holy Land.

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