Is It Weird? Not at All!

Getting to know different cultures and customs around the world brings the spice of life to travel. No matter how far and wide you traverse, there’s always something new to discover about the locals and destinations you visit. So, did you know about any of these customs?

Very Superstitious in Greece

Everywhere you go in Greece you will see symbols to ward off evil. One of the oldest superstitions is spitting three times to keep misfortune away, especially when talking about terrible events like death or accidents. Of course, the tradition doesn’t involve actual spitting (anymore). It’s more making the sound “ftou” three times in a row.

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The Russian Two-Step

If you accidentally step on someone’s foot when out in public, don’t be alarmed if they step on yours right back. They’re not angry or offended. It’s simply a belief the Russians have that they must step on your foot in return to avoid future conflicts. It may seem superstitious, but better safe than sorry.

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Last Call in Brazil

When it’s time to call it a night in Brazil, you can’t leave the bar without one last drink. It’s called a sadeira, and you must ask for it with the bill. Expect to get funny looks at a bar in Brazil if you simply ask to close your tab without one final drink for the road.

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Honk If You Love Turkey

Istanbul’s soundtrack of traffic permeates the streets, especially with all the cars honking. That’s because it’s customary to honk when you see a car with white tulle tied to the mirrors, as that signifies a wedding, and everyone must congratulate the happy couple. In Turkey they also honk when they see a group of young men hanging out the car windows, as that indicates it’s a military service sendoff.

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Don’t Be Salty in Egypt

Asking to pass the salt at the dinner table may seem innocent enough in many cultures. But it’s a social disaster in Egypt. Sprinkling the common seasoning on your food indicates to your hosts that you find the flavor disgusting. It’s an insult to add salt to the meal they took great care to prepare for you. No worries though, as the cuisine will only ever satiate your palate.

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