Kirkjufell Northen Lights Green Reflection - ICELAND

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Kirkjufell Northen Lights Green Reflection - ICELAND

Sailing Through the Seasons

Every destination has a must-see sight or experience that makes them worthy of any travel wish list. Some can only be witnessed during certain seasons or months. This fleeting nature makes such sights and scenes all the more tantalizing.

When the image of spring flowers in bloom comes to mind, you might think of the renowned tulips of Holland. But not far from there lies the capital of The Netherlands. Amsterdam’s tulip bulbs bloom beautifully from late March to mid-May in 800 varieties. Vibrant colors abound amid verdant landscapes, making for a breathtaking scene that can best be appreciated in person.

Landscape with tulips in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands, EuropeAugust
Late summer in Iceland signals the beginning of the bewitching Northern Lights, aka the Aurora Borealis. These dancing lights, created from atmospheric phenomena of solar winds hitting Earth’s particles, make the bucket list of many travelers, and for good reason. This incredible sight must be experienced in person to truly appreciate their awe-inspiring power. Plus, the combination of sunny, summer scenes with a cooler climate creates a stunning vista that you won’t want to miss on your travels through Scandinavia.

Halloween hasn’t always been celebrated in South America, but it’s gained some traction over the years. And in Brazil, the birthplace of Carnaval, you can be sure to see and experience a lively celebration filled with festive costumes. The secular holiday has come to hold space alongside Brazilian spiritual rituals like Finados and Dia de Todos os Santos.

Our “13-Night Intense Brazil – Samba and Sun” expedition brings you to Brazil during the autumn season celebrations.

In the southern hemisphere, spring takes place from September to November. During this time, the Patagonia plains of Argentina contain sweeping views of brilliant, purple Lupine that will make you put down the camera and appreciate its sheer beauty. As the natural springtime blooms, the wildlife wakes as well and starts to make its presence known.

View of flowering lupines in the national park Torres del Paine,The icebergs of Antarctica hold a special appeal for those seeking to follow the footsteps of explorers past. And sometimes when the elements and environment align, colorful stripes create a striking contrast within these usually all-white geological formations. Travelers see an entrancing blue hue most often when on the lookout for these rare sightings. But every so often, they may catch a glimpse of black, yellow, and brown stripes as well.

Iceberg with stripesThese formations are caused by sediment and particles from seawater that become embedded in the ice at the time it solidifies. Over time as wind and waves carve away at the icebergs, these stripes develop intricate patterns.

Explore the beauty of Patagonia and the Seventh Continent on our “8-Night Argentine Thrill” luxe-adventure voyage or any of our Antarctica expeditions.

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