When going on an Antarctica expedition, it’s important the ship you sail on is purpose-built for the region. As the continent does have extreme low temperatures and ice, an expedition ship needs to be properly equipped to handle rain, snow, ice and even mist. World Navigator’s polar code categorization ensures the crew has access to the necessary gear to uphold safety protocols at all times, such as electrical and pneumatic devices for ice removal and fire extinguishers that can operate in cold temperatures.

World Navigator is a Polar Category C and Ice Class 1B vessel. It is built with materials intended to withstand low air temperatures. That means the ship can operate at polar surface temperatures. Furthermore, the ship has been ice-strengthened so that it can resist forces that can cause structural damage. With these polar code categorizations, our expedition-style ship offers safety and stability when intact and navigating waters with mild ice conditions.


Water’s Edge Lookout
Sitting just 30 feet above the water, the views from Deck 5 bring you closer to your environment and the wildlife than you’ve ever been. Bring your binoculars – complimentary use in every suite and stateroom – and watch for whales as they breach the surface. Drink in the snow-white horizon as the Seventh Continent comes into view upon your arrival.

The Dome
Offering 270-degree and overhead views, our observation lounge gives you the perfect perspective of Antarctica from every angle. Take in the sight of glaciers and icebergs from all around as you sip on a craft cocktail and mingle with likespirited travelers. It’s easy to marvel at the line of rugged peaks along the landscape from here.

The Open Bridge
Experience The White Continent from the captain’s point of view. Our open bridge policy means you can visit with the master of World Navigator anytime, no reservation necessary, and see the world as he does.


Base Camp
From the mud room, you’ll zip up your parkas and lace on your boots to disembark World Navigator and board your Zodiac to launch your adventures ashore. It’s more than just storage for your exploring gear. It’s where kayaking and paddle boarding excursions commence. It’s the transitional space between ship and shore where every exploit begins and ends as you experience Antarctica to the fullest.

Getting Back
After a full day of wandering and exploration, the mud room welcomes you back to drop off all your gear before heading up to Après Sea to toast and brag about your day’s encounters.

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