Keeping It in the Family

Multigenerational or intergenerational travel is on the rise and set to become a travel trend in the coming few years. That means more families will be taking trips that include mom, dad, the kids and grandparents. But when you have multiple generations traveling together, you have to find the right adventures that appeal to all.

European Cities & Historical Sites
Throughout Europe there’s a great deal of history to satisfy the most curious of minds. Whether it’s a budding family historian or a grandparent that wants to share their own stories with younger generations, exploring the history of a destination has no age limits.

Italy’s and Greece’s ruins from Pompeii to Olympia will captivate the imagination of every family member. The Old Towns of every city holds a sense of life for the locals as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Discover ancient history and maybe even a family lineage on one of our itineraries in the Aegean Sea or The Holy Land and Eastern Mediterranean.

Wildlife & Nature Destinations
Getting out into nature and interacting with wildlife makes for a vacation all travelers can participate in and enjoy, no matter how old they are. African safaris usually make the top lists for wildlife and wilderness exploration. But an expedition to Antarctica should also be on your radar. The Seventh Continent has so many animals to marvel over together as a family, from waddling penguins to loud elephant seals.

National parks also make for a trip set in a natural background. You may already be familiar with many of the U.S. national parks, but the parks abroad have a lot to offer too. Teide National Park in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, has spectacular landscapes amid exciting hiking trails that the whole family can enjoy together. Not to mention, it contains Mount Teide, the highest point of elevation in Spain.

Join one of our Antarctica luxe-adventure expeditions to capture a moment with the wildlife of The White Continent. Or visit Mount Teide with your family on our “13-Night Connecting European and Caribbean Islands” voyage. All Atlas Antarctica expeditions allow children age eight years and up; all other destinations allow children age two years and up.

Sun, sand and ocean waves are always a sure way to give the whole family what they want for vacation. Whether they want to spend the day snorkeling and swimming or doing more extreme water sports, the Caribbean and South America have a lot to offer. These are also ideal destinations for the traveler that simply wants to lie back on the beach and catch up on their tanning with a craft cocktail in hand.

From St. Lucia to Brazil, a beach vacation on one of our Caribbean or South America journeys will provide the ultimate fun for all ages.

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