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Reviewed On: April 2024

I’ve sailed four times with my clients aboard an Atlas Ocean Voyages expedition, and even though I travel nonstop on all of the other expedition lines, I still prefer Atlas. There is NO service and crew like ATLAS. They set the bar so high no one has ever come close. I judge all ships by Atlas – seriously the best.



Reviewed On: April 2024

The food on board during my Antarctica cruise was an absolute delight from start to finish. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there was always an extensive selection of dishes catering to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. The staff on World Voyager™ went above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience for every passenger. Not only were they friendly and efficient, but they also made an effort to create a personalized and welcoming atmosphere. From remembering your name to anticipating your needs, their attention to detail was remarkable.

Antarctica was absolutely stunning. The ice had different shades of blue and beautiful patterns carved into it by nature. The towering glaciers, flowing down into the sea, were mind-blowing. Hiking to the summit through the snow-covered terrain, we were rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views that stretched as far as the eye could see. The tranquility and silence of this remote location were humbling, allowing us to connect with nature on a profound level. For the adventurous at heart, Atlas offers the thrilling opportunity to take a polar plunge. This is a proper bucket list activity.

This Antarctica trip is one of the most beautiful trips I have ever done. Atlas is superb for Antarctica. It is luxurious, comfortable, and has excellent food. But even more important, it has been purpose built for those Antarctica adventures and has a dedicated expedition team to help you make sense of it all. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with Atlas and hope to be able to cruise with them again.

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Reviewed On: March 2024

We were on World Traveller™ to Antarctica in early March 2024. This experience of a lifetime was made even better by Atlas and the crew! Rosalee, Alex, Morgan, Cristina in the dining room, and my favorite Malcolm put in personal touches to make everything unforgettable! Attention to detail was clearly evident for the entire trip! From Cristina remembering our names by the second day and carrying my plate to the table (I have a bad knee) to Malcolm's endless knowledge of everything we were looking at while on his Zodiac tours! Thank you to the entire crew!



Reviewed On: February 2024

Atlas has something special going on. It’s their people, they connect with their guests, and they take great care of you and provide excellent service. We had an absolutely great time and saw pretty much everything on the list in spectacular fashion. Oh, the pre-cruise excursion experience in Buenos Aires and the Falls was great as well.

WHAT A TRIP!!!!!!!!


Reviewed On: January 2024

Just want to thank you for the most amazing trip to Antarctica. Atlas Ocean Voyages was top notch, everything we dreamed of and definitely more! The accommodations, the food, the landings and lectures, most of all we were so impressed with the onboard staff.

Everything was AMAZING! We all agreed that this voyage to Antarctica was so very special, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends. I’m still pinching myself to know that we have now set foot on all seven continents and completed that portion of our daughter’s bucket list. Needless to say, it exceeded our expectations.

Beyond Expectations

By: Gary | Guest

Reviewed On: January 2024

"Atlas is a great expedition line in EVERY respect. Our staff of expedition subject matter experts was superior. And the hotel aspects were beyond expectations."

Food & Service Were Excellent

By: Judy | Guest

Reviewed On: January 2024

"We are home! What a fabulous trip it was. All went well with no hiccups at all. Atlas proved to be a superb company and I am so glad that we went with them on this trip. Their dedication to sustainability is applaudable … of course the food and service were excellent."

Marvelous in Every Detail

By: William | Guest

Reviewed On: October 2023

“All sectors of the crew were skilled, attentive, and friendly in every encounter. The cuisine was marvelous in both informal and formal settings, treats to the eye as well as the palate. The expedition team, from varied countries and backgrounds, gave excellent lectures and kept everyone safe on the water and land.”

First-Class Onboard Experience

By: Laurie | Guest

Reviewed On: September 2023

“My expedition to the Arctic was my first with Atlas and they did not disappoint. I am a seasoned traveler with high expectations and Atlas delivered. The onboard experience is exceptional with first-class service.”

Impeccable Service

By: Nancy | Travel Advisor

Reviewed On: June 2023

“I must tell you that Nuno, the hotel manager, as well as every other crew member (Wayan, Claudia, Warren, Christian and many others) have completely bowled us all over with the level of service, kindness, and commitment to providing an exception brand and product. Bravo!”

Above & Beyond

By: Linda T | Travel Advisor

Reviewed On: June 2023

“We recently returned from 3 back-to-back Epicurean cruises in the Mediterranean aboard the World Navigator and loved every minute of travel. We are serious travelers, most often choosing a trip for the destination, but as it turned out this time and unbeknownst to us when booking, the ship and its outstanding crew would wind up surpassing even their spectacular itineraries. Hats off to the Human Resource Department for assembling such a kind and professional staff, by far the best that we have ever sailed with. Won’t say that every single thing was perfect, but then again what is! We are now home, and three weeks later, we are still talking about the trip and the fine Atlas people on board.

Can’t wait to sail on a beautiful Atlas ship again and look forward to another great crew experience!”

World Navigator Commendation

By: Karen | Guest

Reviewed On: May 2023

I had a lovely experience on World Navigator between Málaga and Barcelona. Below are a few of my thoughts about my time spent on the World Navigator, which was beyond my expectations.

The ship is elegant, understated and very comfortable with ample meeting areas to gather and celebrate, or simply sit and reflect. The staterooms are very spacious with more than enough closet, drawer and shelf space for two women with a lot of clothes! The bathrooms are amazing, and, even the linens, towels and robes are exquisite. The Porto dining room is lovely and, although the ship was full, never felt crowded.

What made this cruise outstanding, however..., was the crew! They each went above and beyond to ensure that each passenger felt like a welcome guest and that all their needs were anticipated and met. Each department head and their staff must have been selected from the best of the best cruise lines. Nuno, the hotel manager, Helder, the maître d’ and Bob, the cruise director, all had an omnipresence on board and were always available to answer questions and engage the guests. Specifically, at the “White Night” in Ibiza, after a beautifully prepared and delicious dinner, Helder, Nuno and their teams began dancing with the entertainment AND, sought out and invited guests to join them as they salsaed and sambaed around the pool deck. It was an evening beyond compare due to Helder and Nuno. What was a fun evening became a fantastic evening and memory. Likewise, the cultural immersion event, which was fabulous, became all the more so because we were involved in the preparation of the paella. Jonathan Phang was another unexpected joy who engaged and encouraged guest participation, acting as chef, photographer and entertainer — always with a smile!

The front-line teams were wonderful, as well. Andres and Claudia from Paula’s Pantry greeted me with a sunny “good morning” and chatted as they prepared the coffee. The dining room staff were always cheerful, smiling and happy to assist. Katharine, Wong, Erick, Edison, and Ruban all exceeded the service standards and friendliness of the best cruise lines.

My stateroom was always impeccably cleaned, replenished and cared for by Abdos. It was a joy to step into the corridor and hear his cheerful greeting. On my last evening on board, eight of us gathered at deck five aft to sample wine purchased at a vineyard outside of Valencia and salami bought in Mahón de Menorca. Katharine and Helder cooled the Chardonnay and Cava, set up enough glasses for us all to sample each wine and prepared a charcuterie board with a lovely selection of cheese and breads to accompany the salami, which Helder had sliced for us. It was a beautiful way to conclude my time on board and to toast with friends.

Additionally, I was extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the crew. On the mid-cruise questionnaire, I asked if grapefruit could be served with breakfast. A day later, there was a platter of sliced grapefruit at the breakfast buffet — THANK YOU!

Having started my career as a flight attendant with Pan Am, then American, during the last of the golden years of flying, I am acutely aware of how the service provided to the passengers influences the loyalty of a passenger. The mission statement printed on a large mirror at the entrance/exit to the American crew lounge read, “Make every passenger a repeat passenger.” The crew of the World Navigator certainly accomplished that as I am contemplating which itineraries will make up my next cruise with Atlas! I was thrilled to learn that there will soon be a loyalty program at Atlas.

Thank you for a wonderful cruise and many unforgettable memories.

Thank You!

By: Cruise Critic Guest

Reviewed On: February 2023

“My group just got back over the weekend, and everyone raved about Atlas, the staff and service, the excursions. Everything. They all said 100% they would sail with them again.”

Better-Than-Anticipated Antarctica

By: Brian | Guest

Reviewed On: February 2023

“I’m not a cruiser, but I knew I needed to take a cruise to get to Antarctica. I loved that it was a smaller ship so it could navigate shallower bays (and icebergs). The food was fantastic and was only surpassed by the incredible service by everyone on board.”

Antarctica Sailing on Jan

By: Kristin | Travel Advisor

Reviewed On: January 2023

“It was a spectacular experience. The staff was phenomenal and fun too. The cabins and ship are beautiful.”

Superior Expedition

By: Rick | Guest

Reviewed On: January 2023

“I was especially impressed with the quality of the program staff on board – superior to all previous cruise experiences. Communication between ship and passengers was excellent, so that we always knew what was happening and what to expect.”

Exceeded Every Expectation

By: Tony | Guest

Reviewed On: January 2023

“Thank you for the exceptional experience we enjoyed on board World Navigator! Our stateroom, the ship’s personnel, fine dining, entertainment, Zodiac excursions/landings and expedition staff exceeded every expectation. Every aspect of this adventure was absolutely perfect. Against Antarctica’s backdrop, it was phenomenal!”

Perfect Balance of Luxury and Expedition

By: Peter and Therese | Guests

Reviewed On: January 2023

“For years, I have been looking for a cruise to Antarctica that combines adequate time off the ship experiencing the spectacular scenery and wildlife with all the comforts of a luxury cruise that my wife would appreciate. The Atlas Ocean Voyages World Traveller expedition cruise that we have just completed fit the bill perfectly. The ship was the ideal size with well under 200 passengers.”

Spectacular Trip, Crew and Ship

By: Cleetzow | Guest

Reviewed On: December 2022

“I recently traveled to Antarctica on World Navigator, and in summary it was a spectacular trip, crew and ship. The food on board and the included wine/alcohol was amazing. I was met by crew members greeting me by name as I walked through the ship. It was such an intimate experience. My room and accommodations were amazing and my butler was always attentive and met every request.”


By: Davisbmd | Guest

Reviewed On: December 2022

“WOW. What a fantastic cruise experience. ANTARCTICA! WOW. The ship was beautiful, functional, and extremely comfortable. Love the small expedition trip adventure.”

13-Night Longyearbyen to Edinburgh

By: Lorna | Guest

Reviewed On: September 2022

“It was absolutely delightful, and I would highly recommend this cruise to anyone who would be interested in this part of the world! The ship was most comfortable in all respects, and all of the crew members were exceptional! We look forward to planning another cruise with Atlas!”

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