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The Pearl of the Black Sea

Nessebar, Bulgaria contains an old-world aesthetic and feel that invites the most venturesome to explore every back alley and side street. Cobblestone paths winding between houses built with wood that continues to age create a portrait that jumps straight out of the past.

Centuries of history make Nessebar a treasure trove of discoveries waiting for explorers to find. From the Byzantine Baths to Old Town, the city holds hundreds of years of culture, art, and architecture that will keep travelers moving through its many highlights. Bulgaria claimed it a museum town due to this plethora of artifacts and long-standing structures, leading to its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Off in the distance lie the Strandzha Mountains with their lush, green scenery that looks like it came out of a postcard. Upon closer exploration of this magical mountain range, you will find secret paths leading to hidden caves and waterfalls. There is a strong sense of getting back to nature with a trek through the mountain’s many roads and walkways.

Nessebar offers classic beachfront views as white sands meet the crash of waves from The Black Sea. These beaches often hold the most cosmopolitan views of a city that is most often associated with its history and archaeological sites. It’s here you can find the freshest seafood to sample and savor as you eat your way through local fare.

Journey to Nessebar, Bulgaria on our “7-Night Essential Black Sea and Asia Minor” maiden voyage.

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