3 pints of beer on a bar top

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3 pints of beer on a bar top

Polar Libations

Lying 817 miles from the North Pole you find the northernmost brewery in the world: Svalbard Bryggeri. Situated within the Arctic Circle on Spitsbergen Island in Longyearbyen, the craft brewery offers a truly remote adventure to experience thirst-quenching beers in a small Norwegian town.

LONGYERBYEN NORWAYOwner Robert Johansen established the brewery in 2015, challenging the town’s strict laws regarding alcohol consumption. With a history as a mining town, the government passed legislation to discourage miners from engaging in irresponsible behavior that could jeopardize their lives and their coworkers. But Johansen’s push to build and open the brewery paved the way so locals and visitors alike could enjoy a special drink.

BREWERYSvalbard Bryggeri brews its beers using tap water, but the town’s tap water comes from the Bogerbreen glaciers that are over 2,000 years old. Composed of 16% glacier water, their beers contain a distinct quality that makes them stand out from the usual. With a mix of lagers, stouts, pale ales, IPAs, pilsners and more, the craft brewery offers a variety of flavors and drinks that appeal to the most adventurous souls.

BOGERBREEN GLACIERSWhen visiting Longyearbyen, you can visit the Svalbard Bryggeri to sample some of its delicious beers. During the tasting, you’ll learn about their brewing process, where you can find their products outside of the brewery and what they aspire to accomplish with their work.

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