13-Night Longyearbyen to Edinburgh

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This luxe-adventure expedition through the Arctic brings you closer to the entrancing landscape of the fjords, including Greenland’s stunning scenery. With the potential to catch sight of the elusive polar bear in its natural habitat, this is a journey filled with possibilities to check off your bucket list.

13-Night Longyearbyen to Edinburgh

Jul 31, 2022 / 13 nights

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Jul 31    Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway    Depart: 6:00PM
Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Longyearbyen is in a valley on the shores of the idyllic Adventfjord, surrounded by steep mountains and several glaciers. There are only around 25 miles of roads in this village, which is divided into several neighborhoods, including the town center and Nybyen (New Town), which consists of charming miners’ barracks constructed after the war, as well as guest houses, a restaurant and gallery, and not to mention beautiful views of the landmark mountain, Hiorthfjellet. Be sure to visit the Svalbard museum as a break between the plethora of activities like summer dogsledding or cruising to the abandoned Russian city of Pyramiden

Aug 01    Trygghamma, Alkhornet, Svalbard, Norway    Depart: 6:00PM
Trygghamma, Alkhornet, Svalbard, Norway

The name Trygghamna means safe haven, and it really is. This harbor offers great anchorage for an adventure ashore. If you step foot on this land, you’ll find the rocks here date back millennia. Over on Alkhornet, there are fantastic limestone formations that capture your imagination. Avid birders will be busy looking up toward the mountain’s cliffs, as this area was designated as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International for its more than 10,000 breeding pairs of seabirds. Below the cliffs the mossy tundra provides lush grazing grounds for reindeer and Arctic foxes.

Aug 02    At Sea   
At Sea

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore

Aug 03    Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Norway   Arrive: 10:00AM Depart: 4:00PM
Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Norway

Jan Mayen is a remote, unpopulated (except for about 20 Norwegian military and metrology personnel) volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean. There are very few travelers that could say they have stepped foot on Jan Mayen. It is roughly double the size of Washington, D.C. and partly covered by glaciers. The island is mountainous, the highest summit being the Beerenberg volcano in the north. This foggy nature reserve set deep in the North Atlantic Ocean is the perfect place for Zodiac rides for an up-close look at spectacular fjords and searching for illusive polar bears and other iconic wildlife.

Aug 04    Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland   Arrive: 1:00PM Depart: 6:00PM
Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

The name “Ittoqqortoormiit” means “Big-House Dwellers” in the Eastern Greenlandic dialect. Very few visitors make the trek here, as the winters are long, and the sea is frozen for nine months of the year. Ittoqqortoormiit is located at Scoresby Sound and with its side fjord is the largest fjord complex in the world, as well as the world’s longest fjord. Within its borders is the tallest mountain in the Arctic region, the two-mile-tall Gunnbjorn Mountain. During early spring, when the sea ice is still thick, yet the sun is high in the sky, many of the local people go out for a weekend on dog sledding trips.

Aug 05    At Sea   
At Sea

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore

Aug 06    Isafjordur, Iceland   Arrive: 1:00PM Depart: 8:00PM
Isafjordur, Iceland

Amid the enchanting Westfjords of Iceland stands Ísafjörður, a fishing town thriving with local energy and culture. Summer months here are brisk, but it’s this cool climate combined with breathtaking and quaint scenery that makes the village feel like an undiscovered treasure. The massive depression among the flat-topped mountains called Naustahvilft – known colloquially as the troll seat – combines Iceland’s natural beauty with the town’s rich folklore. Make a stop at Dokkan Brugghús, the only brewery in the entire Westfjords, and sample the local beers, crafted with naturally filtered spring water from the nearby mountains. For those for whom the sea’s siren call beckons, you must visit the Westfjord History Museum, based on Ísafjörður’s maritime heritage and its rise in the fishing industry.

Aug 07    Reykjavik, Iceland   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 8:00PM
Reykjavik, Iceland

In the southwest of Iceland near Faxaflói Bay lies the capital of the country, Reykjavík, simultaneously cosmopolitan and charming. On the horizon beyond the colorful houses, the Northern Lights may cast a mesmerizing spell that will make you want to stay forever. Kaleidoscopic views await you at the Harpa Concert Hall, a glittering, glass structure that perfectly exemplifies Iceland’s modern design and will fascinate your inner architect. One of Iceland’s most prominent landmarks is Perlan, originally a group of hot water tanks that was converted to a building that now hosts an exhibition, planetarium, restaurant and observation deck, located atop Öskjuhlíð hill.

Aug 08    Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 8:00PM
Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Say halló to volcanoes, lava fields, caves, and mountains in the fascinating island of Heimaey – literally translated as Home Island. Part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago (Westman Islands), this destination offers views of lush cliffsides and classic Icelandic architecture that will take your breath away. Built around the remains of an excavated home buried by ash during Eldfell’s eruption you’ll find the Eldheimar Museum, which offers an excellent audio guide that takes you through the home and describes the history and events before, during and after the eruption. One of the most iconic landmarks of Vestmannaeyjar, Elephant Rock, lies just off the south coast of Iceland. And there’s no need to squint to see it, because from every angle, you can see a gargantuan elephant in the middle of the sea.

Aug 09    At Sea   
At Sea

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore

Aug 10    Torshavn, Faroe Islands   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 1:00PM
Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The 18 major islands making up the archipelago of the Faroe Islands lie between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Iceland and Norway. Here, a mix of Nordic and Danish architecture amid lush, grass scenery creates a quaint image of a picturesque destination. Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands capital city, holds a competitive tradition and spirit of sporting events, including housing the largest football stadium in the district. But the city also contains an artsy energy with the annual Tórshavn Jazz Festival that takes place every August. Among the many natural treasures of the Faroe Islands is the Bøsdalafossur waterfall, a cascade that flows from the Sørvágsvatn/Leitissvatn lake into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a glassy surface amid the rugged cliffs of the falls

Aug 11    Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, UK   Arrive: 12:00PM Depart: 8:00PM
Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, UK

Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands, is a stunning place filled with history. As part of an archipelago of 70 islands off the tip of Scotland, the city is not among the more commonly visited destinations in the country, but it was the center of Norse culture near the end of the first millennium. Walk down the cobbled streets and be transported back to Norse times as you explore a 300-year-old medieval cathedral built by the Vikings where, according to local lore, miracles took place. Another great miracle is the preservation of the archeological sites in Orkney, like the World Heritage sites of the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar.

Aug 12    Invergordon, (Loch Ness), UK   Arrive: 7:00AM Depart: 1:00PM
Invergordon, (Loch Ness), UK

Welcome to a land where fairy tales spring to life among castles, lakes and heathered fields. Invergordon is your entrée to the Scottish Highlands and the capital of Inverness, a mere 30 minutes south. Not far from here you can enjoy an outing to Loch Ness, the famed Scottish lake hiding a legendary beast beneath its depths. On your explorations, you can take in the rugged mountains and deep blue lochs, perhaps spotting deer in the hills and eagles overhead. The brisk air, foggy mist and verdant peaks add a dash of mysticism unlike anywhere else – this is the land of Shakespeare’s Macbeth after all.

Aug 13    Edinburgh, (Leith) Scotland, UK   Arrive: 9:00AM
Edinburgh, (Leith) Scotland, UK

Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is dynamic, but small enough to walk almost anywhere. The streets are busy, narrow, and lined with towering buildings once described as, “a dream in masonry” by Edinburgh-born novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh Castle has played an important role in the history of Scotland as both a royal residence and a military stronghold. It’s really two cities: Old Town and New Town, where Old Town is the network of medieval streets south of the castle and New Town is everything on the other side. What unites both and all of Scotland is its whisky, part of the true Scottish experience, as is a toast with scotch, of which you can partake in at Leith’s Kaleidoscope Bar and Dining Room on Queen Street.

13-Night Longyearbyen to Edinburgh

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