10-Night Athens to Dubrovnik 7.28.23

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Step into history and mythology as you navigate the Greek Isles, including the famed Corinth Canal, and make your way to treasures of the Adriatic Sea. The Oracle of Delphi awaits, as does the Sanctuary of Apollo and other ancient remnants as you climb the slopes of a mountain path called the Sacred Way. Late nights in Nafplion, Fiskardo and Corfu along with an overnight in Dubrovnik allow you to delve into the histories of these incredible destinations.

10-Night Athens to Dubrovnik 7.28.23

Jul 28, 2023 / 10 nights

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Jul 28    Piraeus (Athens), Greece    Depart: 6:00PM
Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Athens is still as iconic as ever. Winding pathways from ancient times transformed into modern-day roads and streets lead you to the monumental gateway of the Acropolis and other archaeological sites. It is a land soaked in history and mythology, but not stuck in the past.

As you wend through back alleys, passing the street art and getting serenaded by street musicians, you are never lost. You are simply taking a journey to an unknown destination. You may find yourself at the likes of the Church of Agioi at the southeast corner of the Holy Apostles Ancient Agora, a less-crowded historical site away from the flocks of tourists.

Try your hand at haggling with local vendors at the Plaka or Monastiraki flea market. There are so many handmade wares and trinkets to peruse and purchase. Keep an eye out for the more risqué souvenirs if you want a good laugh.

Aside from venturing through the cradle of Western Civilization, you can explore the port of Piraeus. It is the biggest port in Greece and one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history have transformed this seaside town from a wartime fortress to a major shipping and transportation center.

Jul 29    Nafplion (Mycenae/Epidaurus), Greece   Arrive: 7:00AM Depart: 11:00PM
Nafplion (Mycenae/Epidaurus), Greece

In the Saronic Gulf lies the charming small town of Nafplion, Greece. Narrow stone streets amid whitewashed houses and quaint local shops create a romantic picture straight out of a postcard. Find the steps leading to Palamidi castle perched on a cliff atop the town for a heart-pumping exploration. Not far from Nafplion you can explore the remains of King Agamemnon’s castle in Mycenae. This site contains the history of the dominating culture of mainland Greece from the late Bronze Age. Nearby in Epidaurus discover the famous amphitheater where you can stand in certain points at the bottom and hear the speaker at a location in the seats all the way to the top

Jul 30    Corinth Canal Transit   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 9:00AM
Corinth Canal Transit

Greece’s Parliament did not authorize the canal’s construction until 1869, and even then, work did not begin until 1882. But a lack of capital set back the construction. In 1890 work on the Corinth Canal started once more and was finally completed for its use for the first time on October 28, 1893. Its final construction stands at 70 feet wide at sea level, 81 feet wide at its top level, 300 feet tall and only about four miles long. Its narrow construction is too small for modern freight ships, but smaller expedition vessels and private boats can freely navigate its route for an adventurous tour.

Jul 30    Itea (Delphi), Greece   Arrive: 1:00PM Depart: 6:00PM
Itea (Delphi), Greece

Before heading into the legendary Delphi, you can dock in the charming coastal town of Itea. Feel free to explore Miami Beach (not to be confused with Florida’s), its prestigious Blue Flag beach. The expansive local fields of Amfissa olive trees create a lush, green landscape known as the “sea of olives.” The peak of Mount Parnassus in the distance adds to the sense of wonder in this picturesque scenery made for an impromptu photo shoot.

When you’re ready for some ruins, the Oracle at Delphi awaits. To explore the Sanctuary of Apollo and other ancient remnants, you must climb the slopes of the mountain on a path known as the Sacred Way. It is here you will gaze upon what’s called the navel of the world.

As you stand among the crumbling stones that make up the Athenian Treasury and ancient stadium, you cannot help but get swept back in time. There is a great sense of adventure that makes you feel like a certain iconic archaeologist as you step over stones the ancient Greeks once walked. Panoramic views behind the remaining structures create a richer picture of life before modern times. The surrounding environment creates a harmonious balance between nature and manmade marvels.

Delphi is a place where history and mythology become entangled, where one cannot exist without the other. Everything feels simpler. But that does not make it any less inspiring. It is a privilege to witness these ancient Greek ruins that have stood the test of time.

Jul 31    Katakolon (Olympia), Greece   Arrive: 7:00AM Depart: 7:00PM
Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

Katakolon is a little seaside village on the western coast of Ilia and it’s exactly what you picture when you think what a Greek village should be. You can taste the day’s catch fresh from the fishermen’s nets at the gateway to Olympia. With a small population and plenty of shops and restaurants to peruse, it’s the perfect way for travelers to get an intimate look at Greek life.

The home of the first Olympic Games in 776 BCE, Olympia still holds wonder. As explorers wander onto the ruins the first thing that catches their eyes are the stone columns. Still standing where they were first lined up in ancient times, one cannot help but let their imagination run wild as they fantasize about running the first flame across the field.

Many are tempted to take their place in history when they catch sight of the pedestals where Olympic winners once stood to receive their spoils. But please, don’t stand on the victors’ columns. It will have to be enough to admire them or strike a triumphant pose next to one of the first place pedestals.

Fun fact: This is where the saying, “Don’t rest on your laurels,” came to be. Victors of the Olympic Games earned a wreath made of aromatic bay laurels as a symbol of their triumph. But these long-past victories were never meant to help them hold their social status long term.

Wander further into the ruins and find the remains of the Temple of Zeus. The platform is roped off for visitors, but just standing at its base is enough to inspire awe. Visitors can spend hours at the site and marvel at how all those constructs have managed to keep standing after all this time.

Aug 01    Fiskardo (Kefalonia), Greece   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 11:00PM
Fiskardo (Kefalonia), Greece

Amid the Ionian island of Kefalonia lies a small fishing village, Fiskardo, with all the charms of a tiny Greek town but the elegant feel of a luxurious getaway. As a popular choice for yachts to dock, the harbor hosts plenty of upscale seafood restaurants. Opt for a quick dip after a day of adventure at one of Fiskardo’s many pebble coves. For a more typical beach day, venture about 40 minutes out to the famous Myrtos Beach. If you’re seeking a day filled with activity, try diving, snorkeling or kayaking with the locals. Find great hiking at the Venetian Lighthouse, Cypress and Battery Trails.

Aug 02    Corfu, Greece   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 11:59PM
Corfu, Greece

In the north of the Ionian Sea lies Corfu, a Greek island with history and cultural influence from the French, Venetians and the English, all leading to its modern-day, cosmopolitan reputation. While most Greek Isles are associated with ancient ruins, Corfu offers a different historical lens with monuments like Achilleion Palace. It also holds a quainter side with surrounding villages to explore like the charming ghost town of Old Perithia in Kasiopi. It’s not a trip to Greece without visiting some of Corfu’s stunning beaches like Canal d’Amour or Paleokastritsa.

Aug 03    Saranda (Butrint), Albania   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 8:00PM
Saranda (Butrint), Albania

The horseshoe-shaped bay of Saranda on the Albanian Riviera lies between the Ionian Sea and rolling hills of olive groves. When visiting, the Butrint National Park should hold a spot on your bucket list. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ramsar Wetland Site of International Importance holds the remains of a city from the Roman Empire, a scenic lagoon and breathtaking mountains. Surrounded by beaches and a promenade, Saranda is a quintessential Mediterranean destination when you’re looking for a simple yet elegant experience. Wander over to the secluded natural bay of Mirror Beach on the way to Ksamil village.

Aug 04    At Sea   
At Sea

Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore

Aug 05    Kotor, Montenegro   Arrive: 8:00AM Depart: 8:00PM
Kotor, Montenegro

Along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro lies the fortified town of Kotor, known for its medieval old town with winding streets and historic squares, as well as its many Romanesque churches and Maritime Museum. For unbelievable views of the Bay of Kotor, hike to the top of San Giovanni Fortress. Stroll through the many vendors, taking in the sounds, scents and colors as they call out their daily specials, produce and homemade goods. Swim the stunning azure waters of the bay with a boat tour to the Blue Cave.

Aug 06    Dubrovnik, Croatia   Arrive: 8:00AM OVERNIGHT
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Along the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia lies Dubrovnik, a city well-known for its 16th-century Old Town. Filled with enchanting historic sites and containing a sense of stories past, the Croatian city has rightly earned its place among the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Delve into the fantastical side of the city as you tour the streets that have become part of cinematic history. Take a break from the historic for a relaxing beach day with a quick ferry ride to the nearby Lokrum Island. Delve deep into the local culture with wine and delectable platters of meat and cheese.

Aug 07    Dubrovnik, Croatia   
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Along the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia lies Dubrovnik, a city well-known for its 16th-century Old Town. Filled with enchanting historic sites and containing a sense of stories past, the Croatian city has rightly earned its place among the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Delve into the fantastical side of the city as you tour the streets that have become part of cinematic history. Take a break from the historic for a relaxing beach day with a quick ferry ride to the nearby Lokrum Island. Delve deep into the local culture with wine and delectable platters of meat and cheese.

10-Night Athens to Dubrovnik

Jul 28, 2023

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