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Along the western coast of The Black Sea lies Constanta, Romania’s largest seaport and oldest continuously inhabited city. The grand and intricate architecture of an abandoned casino set against the seaside backdrop along the boardwalk creates an oddly beautiful juxtaposition

Nessebar, Bulgaria contains an old-world aesthetic and feel that invites the most venturesome to explore every back alley and side street. Cobblestone paths winding between houses built with wood that continues to age create a portrait that jumps straight out

The country of Georgia’s wine-making traditions goes back about 8,000 years. From one generation to the next the custom of preparing wine in clay pots called qvevri has been passed down for centuries.

Searching for the lesser-known historical sites in Italy calls for a stop at the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina. This ancient square consists of the ruins of four Roman Republic temples, including Pompey’s Theater, the Roman Senate.

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